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Arrange interpreter access

DHS provides general interpreter information. The information and materials posted are designed to enhance public access to information about interpreters and interpreter referral agencies and are for information purposes only. DHS neither endorses, certifies nor guarantees the accuracy of any information provided by the agencies listed herein.

Before hiring an interpreter, we encourage you to ask the referral agency or freelance interpreter:

  1. Is the interpreter certified and qualified?
  2. Do the interpreters follow the Code of Professional Conduct?
  3. What are your rates? (Most interpreters charge a base rate and most referral agencies charge a referral fee.)

When requesting an interpreter, be prepared to provide the following:

  • Name, address and telephone number of a contact person for confirmation
  • Date and time interpreter is needed
  • Location
  • Estimated length of the session
  • Number of participants who are deaf/hard of hearing and their names
  • Type of situation
  • Payment procedures
  • Type of interpreter needed

If you have other concerns or complaints about the services of an interpreter, please see the grievance against an interpreter.

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