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Apps for hearing loss

Speech-to-text apps

Speech-to-text apps can be useful for short, casual interactions, such as ordering food in a restaurant or getting help in a retail store. The accuracy of speech-to-text apps varies, and you may get better captions the closer the device’s microphone is to the person speaking. Ideally, the person speaking will use their own device with the speech-to-text app. Add-on microphones may help improve sound quality while maintaining distance. Add-on microphones are available from electronics retailers. 

Speech-to-text apps are not recommended when critical information is being exchanged, such as in medical settings, legal settings, or when the service provider is otherwise required to provide accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

When comparing speech-to-text apps, look for features that fit how you communicate. If you do not use your voice, does the app allow you to type your question or response? If yes, does it read it aloud for the other party? What languages can the app caption? Are font sizes adjustable?

Some examples of speech-to-text apps:

The Minnesota Department of Human Services does not endorse any specific speech-to-text apps. 

Writing notes

There are some times when writing might be a good way to communicate. Writing is especially helpful for short, casual interactions, such as when asking for help in a store or directions on campus. You can use a paper and pen, or a whiteboard and pen. Apps and electronic devices can make writing faster.

The Minnesota Department of Human Services does not endorse any particular apps or electronic writing tablets. We encourage reading the reviews and comparing features and costs to find the product that fits your unique needs.

Apps for writing notes

Electronic writing tablets

There are dozens of electronic writing tablets. Search your preferred electronics retailer using the keywords "LCD writing tablet" or "electronic writing tablet." Here are just a few examples:

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