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Complaint Process and Filing

Information regarding occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants who may be in violation of the Minnesota Statutes governing the practice of occupational therapy Minnesota Statute §148.6401-148.6450, comes to the attention of the Board through written complaints/reports. Complaints/reports may be filed by anyone.
The Board is mandated to investigate all jurisdictional complaints against individuals it regulates. In other words, if the complaint alleges a violation of the Minnesota Statute governing the practice of occupational therapy, the complaint will be investigated.
An example of a non-jurisdictional compliant is one which alleges an excessive fee for services performed. The Board does not have the authority to determine how much an occupational therapy practitioner charges for services. Health care professionals and facilities are required by law to report conduct which may be grounds for disciplinary action under Minnesota Statutes governing Occupational Therapy Practice.
If you have a concern about an occupational therapy practitioner you may want to consider one or more of the following actions:
  • Speak with the practitioner directly, if appropriate
  • Express concerns to the licensee's employer or supervisor
  • Concerning behavior related to a practitioner health issue? Refer practitioner to the Health Professionals Service Program (HPSP), if appropriate. Detailed information may be found on the HPSP website:
  • File a complaint with the Board
To open a complaint, the Minnesota Board of Occupational Therapy Practice asks that you complete all parts of the form below, sign as indicated and submit along with all relevant documentation by email or U.S. mail to:
Minnesota Board of Occupational Therapy Practice
335 Randolph Avenue, Suite 240
St. Paul, MN 55102
In your complaint documentation, provide a thorough description of your complaint: 
  • Describe the incident that prompted you to file a complaint.
  • Include the name(s), of the practitioner(s) and the facility/location of the incident(s).
  • Statements from witnesses, if possible.
  • Include copies of any supporting documents.
  • Sign and date the complaint form in the designated locations.
  • If you have concerns about completing the "Authorization to Inform" document, contact Chris Bourland in the Board office.

Health Professionals Service Program

In 1994, legislation for the Health Professionals Services Program (HPSP), Minnesota Statute §214.31-214.37, was approved. HPSP serves several Boards, including the Board of Occupational Therapy Practice. 
HPSP is a non-disciplinary approach to monitoring health care practitioners who are unable to practice with reasonable skill and safety because of illness, use of alcohol, drugs, chemicals, or any other materials, or as a result of any mental, physical, or psychological condition. 
Referrals to HPSP may occur by a licensee, a colleague, an employer, family member, or the licensing board. Participation in HPSP is not permitted for certain licensees, including those accused of sexual misconduct or those who have been terminated from HPSP for non-compliance. 
If a referral to HPSP is deemed appropriate, you may visit their website at: or contact them at:
1380 Energy Lane, Suite 200
Saint Paul, MN 55108
Tel: 651-643-2120
Fax: 651-643-2163
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