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Temporary License Application - New Graduate

Account Login - Applicants must apply online. New users must "Register to Access Site"
New Grad Supervisor Reporting Form - Complete this form upon completion of your application and provide to the Board office. 
In the State of Minnesota, you must have a current Minnesota Occupational Therapy or Minnesota Occupational Therapy Assistant license before practicing or using protected titles. Any licensing or processing fees are your responsibility and are nonrefundable. The Board reserves the right to reject or cancel any outdated applications. Applications will not be considered complete until all required documents are received by the Board office. 
Method of Temporary Licensing-New Graduate
Apply for Temporary Licensing by New Graduate method, if you have completed professional education from an accredited educational program for occupational therapy within the past two (2) years, have not taken the NBCOT licensure examination (NBCOT Exam) AND have an employer and qualified occupational therapist to serve as a supervisor.
How to Get Started:
  • Online Application: Complete the online application through your online account. License fees are submitted at the end of the online application. First time users are required to "Register to Access Site".
  • Practice Questions: If you answered yes to any of the practice questions, you will be required to submit further legal/medical documentation. The Board office will contact you concerning the documentation needed. 
  • In addition to the online application, submit the following items to the Board:
    • New Grad Supervisor Reporting Form: Complete and submit via email to or US mail (form is linked above). 
    • Occupational Therapy Degree Transcript: Your official transcript must include your professional degree and date awarded. The transcript must be sent directly from your school or transcript agency in an unopened, sealed envelope or by official electronic version to the Board's contact information below. OR
    • Certificate of Completion: If you have met all degree requirements but a transcript is not yet available to verify your degree, the Board will accept a Certificate or Letter of Degree Completion from your academic program that indicates completion of all degree requirements. However, your Occupational Therapy Degree Transcript must be sent when it becomes available.
    • NBCOT Exam Scores: All Scores must be reported to the Board during your temporary licensure period. 
    • Additional information may be requested from the Board. 
After the Board receives ALL necessary documents, allow five (5) to ten (10) business days for review of your temporary license application. If approved for temporary licensure, you will receive correspondence via mail and your license will appear on the License Look Up tool.
What Happens Once My License Has Been Approved?
  • Once approved, your temporary license will be in effect for six (6) months. Temporary licenses are non-renewable. 
  • You may begin to practice as soon as your name appears on our License Look Up tool. The website is updated as licenses are issued. 
  • You must receive supervision from a licensed Occupational Therapist. Any changes or additions to your supervision licensed occupational therapist or worksite must be submitted to the Board via email as soon as possible. You may use the the New Grad Supervisor Reporting Form linked above.
  • Upon receiving your license information in the mail, provide your supervisor with a copy of your temporary license approval letter and the supervisor information from Minnesota Statute. 
Licensure Examination Requirements During my Temporary Licensure Period:
  • You must schedule your licensure examination during your temporary licensure period. 
  • All examination scores must be submitted to the Board office.
What if I Don't Pass My Licensure Examination?
  • A temporary license holder who fails the qualifying examination for a second time shall have their temporary license revoked effective upon notice to the temporary license holder of the examination score. 
  • It is the temporary license holders obligation to submit examination scores and to refrain from practice if their temporary license is revoked. 
  • Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action by the board.
If you require an alternate format (i.e., large print), please call 1-800-627-3529.
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