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Lists and Data Requests

Requesting Data from a Minnesota Government Entity

If you would like to obtain lists of our licensed professionals, please contact the State of Minnesota's Mailing List Services office at 651-201-3206, or send an email to  .  The Board regulates the following healthcare professionals: acupuncturist, athletic trainer, genetic counselor, naturopathic doctor, physician and surgeon (MD and DO, etc.), physician assistant, professional firm, respiratory therapist and traditional midwife.

The Board provides the following data on licensed individuals to Mailing List Service:

  • Name
  • Education Degree
  • Gender
  • MN License Number
  • License Status
  • License Grant Date
  • License Expiration Date
  • Public Address
  • Disciplinary Action Indicator

Board staff will respond to requests for data not described above. If you have any question regarding data requests, please send an email to

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