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ACCESS Partnership

The purpose of ACCESS is to create and maintain a statewide diversity/affirmative action system designed to ensure that diversity, equal opportunity, and affirmative action best practices are designed and implemented to achieve the goal of attracting, recruiting, hiring, developing, and retaining a diverse workforce that is truly representative of Minnesota's diversity.

In light of this purpose and working to make the state an employer of first choice, we pledge that:

  • We are committed to collaborating with each other and the Human Resource Director Partnership (HRDP) on agency issues that affect diversity, affirmative action, and equal opportunity.
  • We are committed to identifying, developing, implementing, and evaluating the effectiveness of strategies to create and maintain a diverse workforce for the State of Minnesota.
  • We will encourage and practice the use of resource (time, talents, and money) pooling while working to achieve our common goals.
  • We will respect the uniqueness of individual agencies (both large and small); and encourage the use of innovative ideas and experimentation.

Meetings: ACCESS will meet the second Thursday of each month from 8:30am - 10:30am. The Chair may also call additional meetings with prior notice to the membership.

Agenda items may be presented for information/education, for solicitation of member input or advice, for recommendation, or for decision. The recorded agenda will indicate the purpose of each item. ACCESS members are responsible for ensuring their attendance or conveying their input via a substitute attendee or other means. It is understood by all members that agreements will be made by those members (or designated substitutes) in attendance.

To subscribe to the ACCESS Email Listserv, email your name, title, and agency to Johnnie Burns, Director for Equal Opportunity, ADA, Diversity, and Inclusion, at You will receive a confirmation email once you have been added.

State Recruiters Group

The State Recruiters Meeting is a great opportunity for State of Minnesota agencies, colleges, and universities to communicate, cooperate, and collaborate on best practices in recruitment. Previous meeting agenda items have included veteran recruitment, diversity awareness, social networking, the new careers website, collecting and analyzing data, marketing and branding, upcoming job fairs, and more.

Meetings: Bimonthly meetings on the third Tuesday of the month.

To subscribe to the State Recruiters Email Listserv, email your name, title, and agency to Elizabeth Nelson, Statewide Recruiter and Workforce Diversity Consultant, at You will receive a confirmation email once you have been added.

MnCARRS Partnership

MnCARRS is comprised of approximately 50 community organizations and State agencies.

Partner organizations serve as recruiters and credible voices within their communities to promote the State of Minnesota as an employer of choice. In return, the State provides advanced notice of job openings so partners can better prepare clients to compete through training programs and job coaching, improved communications about the State’s employment processes, and assistance with mock interviews to improve candidate’s performance in the hiring process.

Additionally, MnCARRS partners participate in partner-sponsored career fairs, community outreach events, job information sessions, Minnesota Careers website training sessions, and more.

Meetings: Quarterly meetings are held at rotating locations throughout the Twin Cities.

To subscribe to the MnCARRS Email Listserv, email your name, title, and agency to Elizabeth Nelson, Statewide Recruiter and Workforce Diversity Consultant, at You will receive a confirmation email once you have been added.

Recruitment Directory

Starting your recruitment effort does not have to be overwhelming. Here are a few tips and resources on getting started. Job seekers use multiple sources during a job search; therefore, there is not one best source or strategy. Remember, no step is too small in your efforts to build a diverse workforce at your agency.

  • Youth Employment Programs

    The State of Minnesota has partnered with two of the Twin Cities premier youth employment programs – Right Track (St. Paul) and STEP-UP Achieve (Minneapolis) – to further our efforts in developing a pipeline of diverse talent to meet our future workforce needs.

    Right Track and STEP-UP Achieve recruit, train, and place over 700 talented, low-income youth each year with top local companies and public agencies. These opportunities help our local youth explore diverse career interests, gain valuable skills, make professional connections, and prepare them for meaningful careers. The deadline to participate as an employer for the summer is April of each year. Visit the programs' websites for exact deadlines.

    Make a pledge to hire one or more youth this summer through Right Track and/or STEP-UP Achieve. Together, we can be part of building the next generation of talented and dedicated state employees!

    What are the business benefits?
    These programs are a great opportunity for state agencies to:
    • Gain access to the diverse talent pipeline of work-ready, skilled youth
    • Introduce diverse youth to state employment
    • Bring fresh ideas, energy, and creativity to your workplace
    • Offer the satisfaction of transforming a young life and giving back to our community
    • Provide opportunities for employee growth through the experience of supervising program participants

    How do these programs work?
    • Agencies provide 6-10 weeks of paid employment at $8.00 or more per hour.
    • Employment generally occur between June 15 and August 21, 2015, but can be flexible to meet your needs.
    • Agencies must be located in St. Paul (Right Track), Minneapolis (STEP-UP Achieve), or easily accessible by public transportation.
    • Participants are matched with jobs based on their interests and skills and the needs of the employer.
    • Participants can perform a wide range of tasks including customer service, event planning, tech support, research, filing, project support, data entry, and more.
    • All participants receive work readiness training before starting their placements.
    • Program staff will work closely with participants and employers to provide support and ensure success.

    How do I get started?

    What happens next?
    • After submitting the job description form and worksite agreement, program staff will review the job description(s) and begin matching participants.
    • In May, your agency will receive the resume(s) and contact information for the participants(s) matched to your workplace. You may request to interview the matched candidate(s).
    • For more information: Right Track Employer Brochure and STEP-UP Achieve Employer Brochure.

    State Agency HR Considerations
    • Appointment Type: Participants in Right Track or STEP-UP Achieve may be hired as emergency or temporary employees in the classified service, unclassified service, or for non-status positions such as interns.
    • Classification: The classification of a pledged position is at the discretion of the agency, but must be held to the same job audit and documentation standards as any other position. Participants currently enrolled in secondary or post-secondary programs may be hired as student workers or interns. In order to be hired as an intern, the hired participant must be receiving academic credit or their academic program must require an internship.
    • Posting Requirements: While agency staff is able to interview candidates, due to the nature of the program, the agencies will not publicly post vacancies pledged to Right Track or STEP-UP Achieve. Per Minnesota Administrative Rule 3900.3200 and A.P 9B, the State of Minnesota is required to provide public notice of all unlimited classified vacancies; however, temporary vacancies do not require public notice unless the applicable bargaining agreement language states otherwise.
    • Wages: Positions pledged for Right Track or STEP-UP Achieve must be paid positions. Agencies may not use volunteer or otherwise unpaid positions for these programs. These programs require that hired participants be paid a minimum of $8.00 an hour. Right Track and STEP-UP Achieve do not impose a wage limit on pledged positions. The salary range should be applied based on the job classification chosen for the assignment.
    • Labor Laws: As with all appointments, agencies must follow all applicable state and federal labor laws for pledged positions. When hiring participants under the age of eighteen, agency HR staff should be mindful of laws outlining child labor restrictions on matters such as allowable work times of day or hours in a work week.

    Have additional questions?
    Contact and work your Human Resources office if you are interested in supporting one of these programs and having a Right Track and/or STEP-UP Achieve participant this summer.

    If you have questions about the program in general, contact Elizabeth Nelson, Statewide Recruiter and Workforce Diversity Consultant with Minnesota Management and Budget, at:
  • Interns and Student Workers

    Intern and student worker opportunities are a great way to develop the next generation of State employees. These opportunities provide students with invaluable on-the-job experience while introducing them to state government and the diverse career opportunities we offer.

    Difference Between Intern and Student Worker Positions

    In order to be hired for an intern appointment, students must be receiving academic credit for the experience from their school. Student worker appointments are open to secondary or post-secondary students. Unlike intern appointments, students do not have to be receiving academic credit, but you must maintain their student status.

    Posting Intern or Student Worker Positions
    Many state agencies post their intern and student worker opportunities on the State of Minnesota Careers website. This allows for students to easily locate them by going to the Search for Jobs section of the website and selecting "Intern/Student Worker" from the "Position Type" section. Posting intern and student worker opportunities on the careers website is the recommended method.

    For those agencies who do not post their opportunities on the Search for Jobs section of the State of Minnesota Careers website students are directed to contact the agency's human resources office or view the agency's website.

    Additional Recruiting Resources
    Visit the College and University Resources tab on this page for specific information on recruiting students for intern and student worker opportunities.

    Additional intern and student worker recruiting resources will be added soon!
  • College and University Resources

    MnSCU Directory
    This site allows the user to view a profile for a particular MnSCU college or university. Information includes school highlights, student enrollment and demographics, and each schools largest programs. If your agency has job classifications with unique skills which are difficult to fill, use this guide to search for schools with a particular degree program and start building a relationship with those schools.

    Minnesota College Resource Guide
    This directory provides a profile of 30 colleges in Minnesota and neighboring states. It includes an overview of each college, enrollment numbers, types of degrees available, student demographics, employer relations contacts, and the school’s top five programs.

    Directory of MN College & University Career Counselors
    Contact information for college career services offices. Click "Career Offices" on the left side of the screen.

    Minnesota Association of College and Employers (MN ACE)
    Join this group to meet and network with college career counselors. This group brings together educational and employment representatives who are involved in career development and employment of college students.

    GoldPASS – University of Minnesota
    This free site allows you to post jobs, internships, and volunteer listings for any U of M student or alumnus to access.

    Additional college and university recruiting resources will be added soon!
  • Diversity Resources
    MnCARRS is comprised of approximately 50 community organizations and State agencies. Partner organizations serve as recruiters and credible voices within their communities to promote the State of Minnesota as an employer of choice. In return, the State provides advanced notice of job openings so partners can better prepare clients to compete through training programs and job coaching, improved communications about the State’s employment processes, and assistance with mock interviews to improve candidate’s performance in the hiring process.

    To learn more about MnCARRS, visit the MnCARRS Partnership tab on this page.

    Workforce Community Email List
    This list is comprised of over 500 diversity contacts. It includes members of the Minnesota Diversity Councils, Twin Cities Diversity Roundtable, and many other statewide organizations and individuals serving women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and veterans. The organizations and contacts on this list consist of metro area, statewide, and some national locations.

    Job announcements sent to the Workforce Community Email List must:
    • Be open to the general public.
    • Be open for a minimum of one week from the day it is emailed to MMB. This gives the diversity organizations/contacts time to distribute the job announcement to their community members and job seekers time to apply.
    • Spell out all words (no acronyms or abbreviations) to comply with the Plain Language initiative.
    • Include a job title, working title (if available), job ID, agency name, location of the position, and closing date.


    Job Title: Agency Policy Specialist
    Working Title: Commercial Business Specialist
    Job ID #: 1234
    Agency:  Department of Commerce 
    Location: St. Paul 
    Closing date: 03/10/2015

    To distribute a job announcement on the Workforce Community Email List, please send information in the above format to MMB will compile all agency job announcements and send one email to the list at the end of each business day.

    Minnesota Diversity Councils
    The Minnesota Diversity Councils are state agencies that make recommendations to the governor and legislature on matters that impact their constituencies, and serve as liaisons between state government and community members they represent. Building and fostering a relationship with the Minnesota Diversity Councils can be a great way to increase your workforce diversity and positively impact the communities that they serve.

    MnSCU's Recruitment Resource Center
    MnSCU's Diversity and Equity Division has a Recruitment Resource Center page on their website that has links to diversity resources and information on affirmative action. Visit their website for more information.

    Additional diversity recruiting resources will be added soon!
  • Individuals with Disabilities Resources

    Local Resources
    Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS)
    VRS empowers Minnesotans with disabilities to achieve their goals for employment, independent living, and community integration. Through their employer service, they offer customized employment services including help finding qualified candidates, access to pre-screened applicants, assistance throughout the recruitment and hiring process, help retaining diverse candidates, and training on disability related topics.

    State Services for the Blind (SSB)
    SSB is a division of DEED which provides services to individuals who are blind, visually impaired, or DeafBlind to live and work as independently as possible.  SSB also works with employers to match workforce needs with qualified graduates from their program and screen candidates at your worksite. Additionally, they can provide assistance with retaining staff that may be experiencing vision loss. SSB's placement services are at no cost to the employer.

    Talent Acquisition Portal (TAP)
    TAP is an online system that includes both a national talent pool of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) candidates looking for employment and a job posting system for businesses looking to hire individuals with disabilities.  Through the system, agencies can posting positions, search candidate resumes based on skill sets and geographic availability, capture job metrics, generate compliance reports, interview candidates, host online job fairs, and reach a wide group of job seekers.

    ACCESS Press - Minnesota's Disability Community News Source
    ACCESS Press's mission is to promote the social inclusion and legal rights of people with disabilities by providing a forum for news, features, opinions, and conversation to benefit people who are often invisible and marginalized in mainstream society.  Issues include current news and discussion related to disability issues in the community, a calendar of events, and a directory of disability organizations. Employment ads may be placed in ACCESS Press for a fee.

    National Resources
    Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN)
    ASAN provides consulting services to assist companies and agencies with including autistic individuals in diversity employment programs and providing workplace accommodations.

    Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities (COSD)
    COSD is a national professional association comprised of more than 600 colleges and universities and over 500 major national employers. Its Career Gateway program offers a nationwide online job posting and college students resume database system for students with disabilities. For employers committed to including disability as part of their diversity efforts, COSD Career Gateway is a vital pipeline to future members of the workforce.

    DisABLEDperson is a nonprofit public foundation that provides an online employment recruitment service for individuals and veterans with disabilities. They work closely with employers to make their job openings available to individuals with disabilities, and with disability rights organizations and State Vocational Rehabilitation agencies from across the country. Employers and individuals create an online account to post jobs and to search for current job openings. is the Federal Government Web site for comprehensive information about disability-related programs, services, policies, laws and regulations. The site links to thousands of resources for employers and job seekers from many different federal government agencies, as well as state and local governments and nonprofit organizations across the country. The site has an “Employment” page with resources for recruiting and hiring individuals with disabilities, a link to State vocational rehabilitation agencies across the country, information on reasonable accommodation and job support, job boards connecting employers to job seekers with disabilities, and other pertinent information.

    Employer Assistance and Resource Network (EARN)
    EARN provides free technical assistance to employers seeking to recruit, hire, and retain employees with disabilities.

    National Federation of the Blind (NFB)
    The mission of the NFB is the complete integration of the blind into society including the workforce. One way of doing this is by providing employers access to resources and information such as lists of Braille resources and the latest assistive technologies, and offering Web accessibility certifications.

    National Organization on Disability (NOD)
    NOD provides technical assistance and can help federal contractors with setting utilization goals, collecting data, and reaching out to sourcing agencies and disability service providers. Its subject matter experts, with knowledge acquired through the Bridges to Business initiative and other programs, possess considerable experience and expertise in employer disability processes and procedures, among other things, and can help employers change processes for the entire employment life cycle.

    National Telecommuting Institute, Inc. (NTI)
    NTI has a technology assisted method of finding job applicants with disabilities for federal contractors and other companies seeking qualified workers. According to NTI, it has used this technique for six years to fill jobs for companies and federal agencies who want to find qualified home-based individuals with disabilities for virtual customer service jobs. They are expanding the use of this method to filling traditional on-site jobs. Partnering with major staffing agencies, federal contractors and Fortune 500 companies, NTI’s “The Staffing Connection” program places Americans with disabilities in on-site positions. NTI has access to the national database of 11.5 million Americans receiving Social Security disability benefits.

    Office of Disability Employment Policy's (ODEP) Employment First Program
    The Workforce Recruitment Program for College Students with Disabilities (WRP) is a recruitment and referral program that connects federal and private sector employers nationwide with highly motivated college students and recent graduates with disabilities who are eager to prove their abilities in the workplace through summer or permanent jobs.

    Office of Disability Employment Policy's (ODEP) Add Us In Initiative
    Add Us In is a new initiative sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP). The initiative is designed to identify and develop strategies to increase employment opportunities within the small business community for individuals with disabilities. Included within the small business community are targeted businesses that are owned and operated by minorities, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals, women, veterans, and people with disabilities.

    Ticket to Work Employment Networks
    The Social Security Administration’s Ticket to Work program supports career development for people with disabilities who want to work. This program, through Employment Network (EN) providers and State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agencies, coordinates and provides appropriate services to help social security beneficiaries find and maintain employment. These services may be training, career counseling, vocational rehabilitation, job placement, and ongoing support services necessary to achieve a work goal.

    Workforce Recruitment Program
    The Workforce Recruitment Program for College Students with Disabilities (WRP) is a free resource through which private businesses and federal agencies nationwide can identify qualified temporary and permanent candidates from a variety of professional fields. Applicants are highly motivated post-secondary students and recent graduates eager to prove their abilities in the workforce.

    Additional individuals with disabilities recruiting resources will be added soon!
  • Veterans Resources
    Local Resources
    State of Minnesota Careers Website
    The State of Minnesota Careers website is the main source for employment opportunities in Minnesota state government and provides applicants with resources for navigating the State's application process, instructions for updating their veteran status on the online application, and more. is an online database with job listings statewide. When you post a position on their website, be sure to label them veteran-friendly.

    Veterans Employment Services, Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED)
    DEED's Veterans Employment Services is available to veterans seeking employment and businesses interested in hiring veterans. Contact a Veterans Employment Representative and let them know you are interesting in hiring a veteran. Also, view their Hire a Veteran in Three Easy Steps page on the DEED website for more information.

    Beyond the Yellow Ribbon
    Beyond the Yellow Ribbon supports Minnesota service members and their families before, during, and after deployment with community support, training, services, and resources. Learn more by visiting their website and ask how you can help.

    National Resources
    American Job Center Website
    The American Job Center connects businesses to individuals seeking employment through local American Job Centers. As an employer you can post jobs in the Veterans Job Bank, the central source for identifying Veteran-committed employment opportunities and helping employers hire qualified Veterans, as well as connect with your local labor exchange and state job bank to reach job seekers locally and around the country.

    Additional veterans recruiting resources will be added soon!
  • Greystone Advertising

    The State of Minnesota has a recruitment advertising contract with Graystone Group Advertising. Graystone will not charge a fee to assist you in posting your jobs with a variety of media (print, online, etc.). So, we encourage you to take advantage of their services!

    Main point of contact for ad placement:

    All ads should be transmitted via email to Please work with your agency's buyer for billing related questions. Your agency's buyer can view the details of this contract online at