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State Employee Payroll Data

State Employee Payroll Data:

You can find state employee salaries by agency or by individual employee. There are several ways that you can do that.

The first is an annual report of Executive Branch salaries. The Executive Branch Total Compensation Report, which is updated yearly in January, provides an overview of total compensation for executive branch state agencies – it lists employees, their classification, annual salary, FICA, retirement, insurance benefits, and other compensation costs.

Executive Branch Total Compensation Report 2015 (pdf version)

The information is organized by department and employee. The information is available based on compensation paid for the most recently completed calendar year. 

The second way to access salary data is by an interactive query against a database of all employees, on the state payroll system – including the Minnesota State Universities and College System (MNSCU).  The employee salary data comes directly from the state's payroll system (SEMA4), and is available for recently completed fiscal years 2011-3013.

State Employee Payroll Data

About State Employee Payroll Data:

The data includes all individual employees that worked and were paid during the fiscal year including full-time, part-time, and seasonal workers – even individuals that worked even a single hour during fiscal year will appear with the actual salary and benefits paid. 

The database includes all state employees in the Executive and Judicial branches, constitutional offices including the Attorney General, State Auditor, and Secretary of State's. The data also includes the Minnesota State University and College System (MNSCU). However the information does not include the University of Minnesota, the Met Council, Historical Society, or other semi-state agencies funded by grants that are not on the state payroll system. Certain small groups of individuals are also excluded - an example is Public Safety special agents and a limited number of other identity-protected law enforcement individuals.

  Downloadable Data Files:

Finally, the complete data files with information for all state employees can be downloaded for additional research and queries.
There are a total of 48 data elements about state employees that are public. The downloadable dataset contains all 48 data elements. The downloadable dataset is in Microsoft Excel 2010 format and includes two tables and the metadata. The file is just under 22Mb in size. The links to download the file are below. When downloading the data some database knowledge will be necessary to properly join the two tables.
You may see multiple records for an employee. This will occur if the employee had more than one position during the year, or is on leave from one position and holds another. To know which position the person currently holds please refer to the "active on end of year" field. The position with a "Y" in it is the position they held at the end of the year you are looking at. If all positions say "no" that means that they had left state service as of the end of that year.
A person's total money compensation is the total of the four columns, Salary, Overtime, Differential, Other.
Please also note that the person's total compensation for all positions held during the year is listed under all positions for that person. For example, if a person earned $15,000 in position "A" and $20,000 in position "B", the total, $35,000 will be listed under both positions "A" and "B".