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Electric integrated resource planning

An electric integrated resource plan, (also known as IRP or a resource plan), is a document showing how a utility plans to generate electricity for the next 15 years. The IRP review process allows the Commission and stakeholders the opportunities to examine a utility’s current and planned electricity generation for the next 15 years. The resource plan can affect many things, like electricity rates, the communities where power plants are located, when power plants might be built or retired, electric system reliability, and the environment. The IRP also provides a way for interested people and organizations to review the proposal and offer input.

Once a utility files an IRP, here’s what usually happens next*:

  1. Anyone who believes the IRP is incomplete may file comments within 30 days of the plan being filed;

  2. Initial comments on the merits of the resource plan are often due four months after the filing;

  3. Reply comments, which respond to comments submitted during the initial comment period, are usually due two months after initial comments are received.

  4. After reply comments are filed, the Commission hears the matter and make a decision on the plan.

  5. Before the agenda meeting, PUC staff issues briefing papers summarizing the IRP and significant issues raised during the comment periods. The Commissioners then review the record and make a decision on the IRP.

*These timelines may be subject to change. Make sure to look at the “Notice of Comment” in each IRP docket to find out the exact timelines of each one!

Utility Docket Number Status
Xcel Energy 24-67 Pending
Basin Electric Power Cooperative 22-311 O-IRP. Next filing July 1, 2024
Dairyland Power Cooperative 23-259 O-IRP. Next filing July 1, 2024
Great River Energy (GRE) 22-75 Order forthcoming. Interim update with 1 year of Order. Next filing April 1, 2026.
Interstate Power & Light Company 17-374 Completed, Order Issued April 2, 2019. No next filing
Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (MMPA) 18-524 Completed, Order Issued May 28, 2019. Next filing August 1, 2025
Minnesota Power 21-33 Completed, Order Issued January 9, 2023. Next filing March 1, 2025
Minnkota Power Cooperative, Inc. Northern Municipal Power Agency (NMPA) 22-312 Completed, Order Issued August 30, 2023. Next filing December 1, 2025
Missouri River Energy Services (MRES) 21-414 Completed, Order Issued Feb 15, 2022. Next filing July 1, 2026
Otter Tail Power Company 21-339 Pending
Southern MN Municipal Power Agency (SMMPA) 21-782 Completed, Order Issued Nov 2, 2022. Next filing December 2, 2024

*Table last updated April 2024

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