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Renew My License

Five-year standard licenses that were set to expire June 30, 2018 were extended to June 30, 2019. Individuals who had their licenses extended to June 30, 2019 may be applying for licensure renewal starting January 1, 2019. The five-year standard license will be converted to a Tier 4 license upon renewal. 

Renew Your Professional License

Online License Renewal System

License Renewal Fact Sheets

Tier 1 License Renewal Requirements Fact Sheet

Tier 2 License Renewal Requirements Fact Sheet

Tier 3 License Renewal Requirements Fact Sheet

Tier 4 License Renewal Requirements Fact Sheet

Tier 1 License Renewal Guides

Tier 1 Renewal Process for Teachers and Districts

Tier 1 Renewal Guide for Employing Districts and Charter Schools

License Renewal Guides

Tiered Licensure Structure Infographic 

License Renewal Requirements Memo

Renewal Requirements Grid

Mandatory Renewal Requirements Grid for Relicensure Committees 

Mandatory Renewal Requirements for Tier 3 and Tier 4 Licenses

Minnesota Teacher Licensure Testing Information

Minnesota Special Education Teacher Licensure Testing Information

Categories for Clock Hour Allocation

License Renewal Conditions

License Status Changes for Renewal Applications 

License Renewal Forms for Out-of-State and Lapsed Licenses

Out-of-State and Lapsed License Renewal

Clock Hour Submission for Individuals Who Live Outside of Minnesota

Clock Hour Approval Application Form

Cultural Competency Training Sessions

PELSB Cultural Competency Training Dates 

Registration for PELSB Cultural Competency Training

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