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Workers' Compensation Mediation

Mediation with a Compensation Judge may be of value to the parties when a case is particularly complicated or when parties could benefit from a Compensation Judge's viewpoint on a factual or legal issue.  The following Compensation Judges are available to conduct mediations:

Stacy Bouman (651) 361-7858
James Cannon (651) 361-7852
Sandra Grove (651) 361-7886
James Kohl (651) 361-7920
Cheryl LeClair-Sommer (651) 361-7866
William Marshall
(651) 361-7863
Miriam Rykken (651) 361-7868
Adam Wolkoff (651) 361-7946

To request an OAH mediator, please submit a request via eFiling. Alternatively, mail your written request to P.O. Box 64620, St. Paul, MN 55164-0620.  Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Name of mediator(s) you prefer;
  • Preferred dates for mediation;
  • Amount of time requested (half-day; full day; more);
  • Location preferred (at OAH in St. Paul or Duluth, or other location);
  • If an interpreter is required and, if so, in what language/dialect.

Following receipt of your request, OAH will contact the parties to schedule a date for mediation. OAH will then assign a mediation number to the matter.  Please use the assigned mediation number for all subsequent filings. 

All OAH mediation files are maintained separately from dispute-related files.  As such, all documents sent to OAH Mediation must include the mediation case number.

At least seven days prior to the scheduled mediation, the parties should submit a Confidential Mediation  Statement to the assigned mediator. The Confidential Mediation Statement should contain helpful background information, a medical summary, and any other information that is relevant to the matter.  A settlement analysis should also be included, along with any relevant medical or rehabilitation records.  This information must be submitted to the mediator via email.  

Parties are expected to come prepared and with authority to fully participate in the mediation. Parties are expected to appear in-person at the mediation. Out-of-state parties may attend by telephone by agreement of the parties and the mediator.  If a party will not be appearing in-person, he or she should sign and return to OAH the Mediation and Confidentiality Agreement prior to the scheduled mediation date.

If you have questions about the mediation scheduling process, please call our mediation line at 651-361-7890.

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