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Reporting & Forms

Minnesota Jurisdictional Annual Report

Annual Reporting

All Telephone Companies that had operational or conditional authority in Minnesota in 2020 must file a Minnesota Jurisdictional Annual Report, regardless of the revenue amount. Reports are due on or before May 1, 2021.

Reporting Periods and Docket Numbers

  • 2022: P999/PR-23-3

Submitting the 2020 Minnesota Jurisdictional Telephone Annual Report

The Minnesota Department of Commerce recently designed an online form, allowing the data to be electronically gathered.  In order to complete out the online Annual Report Form, log into the eFiling Home Page.

If you are not a registered user, complete the registration process.  A User ID and a temporary password will be sent to the email address you provided. Follow the steps and submit report.

Steps to complete and submit your annual report form for the year 2021: 

  • Login to the efiling homepage
  • Find Annual Reporting Column on the left menu and select Annual Report Form
  • Verify Docket number P999/PR-21-3 for 2020 revenue year
  • Identify your submission as TRADE SECRET DOCUMENT or PUBLIC DOCUMENT
    • *Note:  If you file a trade secret document, the application will create a PUBLIC versio.
  • Choose: Select Your Company and enter the Utility ID # assigned to your company and Search.  Your company name, address and contact information will automatically be entered into the form
  • Review and make any necessary updates to any of the Contact Information
  • Complete 2020 Revenue Questions. Check the box to confirm you have reviewed the revenue numbers for accuracy
  • Comments can be added in "Additional Notes"
  • Download a copy of the completed form for your records
  • Submit the report form

Annual Notice to Customers Regarding Minnesota Relay 

Telecommunication Providers, including interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and wireless service providers – serving Minnesota consumers must comply with state and/or federal regulations requiring notices to customers regarding Minnesota Relay (Telecommunications Relay Services) and the Minnesota Telephone Equipment Distribution (TED) Program. 



There are two tools in eDockets, eDocket Search and eFiling. They have different functions and access requirements.

eDockets is the online system used by the Department of Commerce and the Public Utilities Commission to store and display the documents that make up the official public record in energy and telecommunications cases. There are two tools in eDockets, eDocket Search and eFiling. They have different functions and access requirements. 

eFiling is the required tool to use to file official documents (initial filings, comments, correspondence, etc.) for dockets before the Public Utilities Commission. Most of these documents are filed by companies or organizations which have an interest in a particular case before the PUC.  For example, a utility company must file a request to seek a rate increase. An interest group might file documents supporting, opposing, or seeking adjustments to that request.

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