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License Renewal

In accordance to Minnesota Rules 7200.3200, a license is valid for the period beginning with the date on which the license is originally granted (or granted after termination pursuant to part 7200.3700) and ending two years later on the last day of the month in which the license is granted. Thereafter the license is renewable for periods of two years, ending with the last day of the month in which the license is granted.

An expired license will be Board Terminated (BT) according to the notice requirements found in Minnesota Rules 7200.3510 unless the licensee renews the license or voluntarily terminates (VT) his/her license. 

If you have not created an online account follow these steps:

1. Click Submit Renewal Online below.

2. A new window will open. Click the Register Here button located in the lower right area of the portal page.

3. Complete the form on the screen under Create your account.

4. Once you enter all the information click the Create Account button.

5. Click Save.

6. Log in using your email address and password associated with your newly created account.

7. Click the Claim My Licenses link. This will associate your account with your existing license, you only need to do this once.

8. Enter the required information in order to search your license.

9. Select license(s) to claim and click Claim.

10. Click Finish.

11. You will be back to the Dashboard screen. To renew your license select the renew option within the Actions drop-down menu.

Submit Renewal Online

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