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Professional Firms

Minnesota Statutes, section 319B states that no professional firm may furnish professional services within Minnesota until the firm has filed information with each Board having jurisdiction over the pertinent professional services. Section 319B also requires every professional firm to file an annual report on or before January 1st of each year, with the Board that has jurisdiction over the professional service the firm is authorized to render.

Online Registration of Professional Firm (first time or annual report)

Professional Firm Annual Report (PDF)

First time and annual report filings for Professional Firms with the Minnesota Board of Psychology are completed through the online services link above. The following types of documentation are required for the first report:

•             Documentation of Governance authority

•             Organizational documentation the firm has registered with the Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office

•             Professional license numbers of those with governance authority or ownership interests

The documentation required for filing a first report is based upon the type of Minnesota Firm that has been formed and registered with the Secretary of State. The definition of a Minnesota Firm is listed in Chapter 319B.02, subd. 10. Review this definition to identify the type of Professional Firm that is being filed. Likewise, the type of Organizational Document that matches the type of firm should be provided to the Board.

“To elect to become a Minnesota Professional Firm and be authorized to furnish professional services according to sections 319B01 to 319B.12, a Minnesota firm must in its organizational document: state that the Minnesota firm elects to operate under those conditions, acknowledge that the Minnesota firm is subject to those sections, and specify from the list stated in section 319B.02, subd 19,  the category or categories of professional services the Minnesota firm is authorized to provide” (319B.04, subd 2).

Beginning in 2020, the annual report filing will require a two-step process:  completion of an online filing and submission of a notarized document. The online filing will allow for information to be submitted for review and satisfaction of the filing fee. The paper form will allow the individual with governance authority to certify under oath (Chapter 319B.11, subd 4) that the statements made meet the requirements in statute. The notarized paper form will be uploaded to the firm’s online filing by the licensed individual with governance authority for the firm.

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