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CE Pre-Approvals

A sponsor or licensee may request board approval for CE activities. Within 45 days the sponsor, or licensee, will be notified if the activity has been approved or denied. The board may approve all, a portion, or none of the submitted activity. To make a request please submit a CE Sponsor application. The application must be filled out completely and include the following information:
(1) the name and address of the sponsor;
(2) the names, academic degrees, and credentials of the presenters, if appropriate;
(3) the title of the activity and an outline of topics covered;
(4) an agenda that specifies the timetable of instruction and other didactic activities;
(5) the location and dates of the activity;
(6) a statement of the educational objectives and targeted participants;
(7) the mechanism for monitoring and clarifying attendance;
(8) upon request, an explanation of how the activity contributes to the development or maintenance of the licensee's competence; and
(9) upon request, documentation of the scientific, practice, or professional standards foundation for the topics covered.
When an activity is approved for a sponsor, the sponsor shall include the board's approval log number on the activity's brochure and certificate of attendance. The sponsor's brochures advertising approved activities shall include the information required in items (1) to (7).
Materials advertising approved activities may include the statement: THIS PROGRAM HAS BEEN APPROVED BY THE MINNESOTA BOARD OF PSYCHOLOGY FOR (NUMBER) CONTINUING EDUCATION HOURS. Materials advertising activities that have not been approved may not include such a statement or otherwise imply board approval.
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