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Licensure in Academia

Invitation to Participate in the Board’s Process to Explore Licensure and Academia

Dear Board Stakeholder:

The Minnesota Board of Psychology (Board) regulates the practice of psychology in the State of Minnesota. The Board does so for the primary interests of the people of the State of Minnesota. Board regulation is intended to mitigate the harm or danger that the unregulated practice of psychology may have on the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the state. The practice of psychology requires specialized skill and training and the public benefits from assurances provided by the regulatory actions of the Board of initial and continuing safe, competent and ethical provision psychological services. The Board is also responsible for the continuous assessment of whether the citizens of the state are or may be effectively protected by other means and whether the overall cost effectiveness and economic impact would be positive for the citizens of the state.

The practice of psychology as defined in Minnesota law is broad. It covers a variety of services including psychological research and teaching of psychology. The Psychology Practice Act is under review as the Board explores how to approach issues related to the language of the statue and administrative rules regarding exemptions from licensure, but specifically, licensure in academia.

The Board’s process aligns with the overarching goals in the State of Minnesota to consider impacts on public safety, access to care, and inter-disciplinary education and collaborative practice when a legislative change is proposed related to scope of practice. The determination of whether an individual must be licensed when engaged in psychological research and the teaching of psychology fits squarely within this framework.

It is the goal of the Board to lead a collaborative, open, and transparent process with all interested stakeholders. The Board’s full and inclusive exploration of issues related to academicians and licensure will establish the necessary foundation for a collaborative, comprehensive, and thoughtful response to the identified issues.

Enclosed please find a memorandum that provides information related to the project and responds to some of the questions the Board has recently been asked. We ask that you review the memorandum, and the questions posed at the end. Then, if you wish to participate in the process, please respond as follows:

1. Submit Form. Click on the link provided below to add yourself to the interested parties list or send an e-mail with your full contact information, including e-mail address to: This will make sure you are updated and included throughout the project.

2. Provide Written Feedback on Questions. After reviewing the educational memorandum click the survey below and provide a written response or any other information you would like to share with the Board related to the issue of licensure in academia.

Board values drive Board decisions. Therefore, the Board renews its commitment to its values as it leads this process in a manner that honors transparent, open, and effective multi-faceted communication that demonstrates an accountability to the public, licensees, our stakeholders, and one another at all times.

Thank you for being an active part of the Board’s work through your feedback and contributions.


Angelina M. Barnes
Executive Director

Licensure in Academia Memorandum

Read the memorandum regarding licensure in academia (PDF)

Licensure in Academia Public Comment

After reading the memorandum regarding licensure in academia please complete this short public comment survey (9 questions)

Get Involved

The Board welcomes all participation and encourages those with interest, expertise, or concerns to join the Board in this collaborative effort as we examine the issues, the impacts, the data, and the future of this important component of the Psychology Practice Act. Sign up as an interested party. 

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