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On-Site Courses

Managing Conflict - Building Gateways to Agreement:
This training will give participants a deeper understanding of conflict and the opportunity to practice using the Building Gateways Three Step Process. Topics include the nature and types of conflict, communication problems, self-analysis for resolving conflict, and the value of using interest-based problem solving.
The training can be used by any work-site labor-management committee that wants additional conflict management training. It can also be presented as a stand-alone session for any interested parties. This course is 6 1/2 hours in length. 

Forming a Labor-Management Committee (LMC):
This training is done jointly with Labor and Management perspective committee members and other interested representatives. The training includes information and practical exercises on the LMC Six Step Model, with emphasis on communication, problem solving, and consensus decision making. The BMS trainer will assist the parties in developing their LMC structure. Additional meetings will be scheduled as required. This course is 6 1/2 hours in length.     

Online Courses

Managing Conflict - Building Gateways to Agreement:

This course introduces the Bureau's approach to defining and managing conflict and is a prerequisite for a number of on-site courses including: Managing Conflict - Building Gateways to Agreement, Interest Based Bargaining, and Forming a Labor-Management Committee.

Part 1: Building Gateways to Agreement

Part 2: The Three-Step Process

Part 3: Options for Managing Conflict

Forming a Labor -Management Committee:

The video below is an exploration of the Bureau's LMC process. This will help both Labor and Management decide if it is a process you want to pursue. This is a prerequisite for all participants in the Bureau's on-site training related to forming a Labor-Management Committee. 
For any questions or comments regarding training please refer to our contact training page

LMC Documents

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