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Starting June 1, 2016 New Applicants Are Required to Complete Criminal Background Check

Minnesota law and Board policy now require that all applicants for initial licensure or license reinstatement must complete a fingerprint-based criminal background check (Minn. Stat. § 214.075). Veterinarians with existing licenses may be required to have a one-time criminal background check (CBC) in the future in conjunction with license renewal.

The Minnesota Health Licensing Boards have cooperatively established the Criminal Background Check Program to help you efficiently complete this mandatory background check. Fingerprints are crosschecked with databases of the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

When you apply for licensure, the criminal background check fee ($32) must be bundled into your other licensing fees and paid at the same time. After you have paid all required licensing fees and the criminal background check fee, you will be sent a packet containing additional information and directions from the Criminal Background Check Program. You are responsible for having your fingerprints taken promptly and for completing all required paperwork so as to not delay finalizing your license application. Previously taken fingerprints cannot be used. Some agencies charge a fee for fingerprinting services. Fingerprinting can be done without a fee at the Criminal Background Check Program office at the address below. Please contact that office to make an appointment after you receive the information packet.

See the Criminal Background Check information page on our website for more details.

2017 License Renewals

License renewal for licenses expiring 2/28/2017 are now available online. Click here for instructions to renew your license.

Board Mission

The Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine is the licensing agency for veterinarians in the state of Minnesota and was established by the Minnesota Legislature in 1893. The seven members of the Board are appointed by the Governor to four-year terms; five members are licensed veterinarians and two are public members.

The mission of the Board is to promote, preserve, and protect the health, safety and welfare of the public and animals through the effective control and regulation of the practice of veterinary medicine.

2016 Board Member Appointments

On April 29, 2016, Governor Mark Dayton appointed Jody Grote of Richfield, MN to be a public member of the Board of Veterinary Medicine. He also reappointed Dr. Ronald Swiggum, a mixed animal practice veterinarian, to the Board.

Dr. Swiggum specializes in dairy, beef and small ruminant medicine and surgery.  He is an active member in the veterinary community.  Currently Dr. Swiggum is on the Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine and is a member of the MVMA and AVMA. 

Jody Grote holds a graduate degree and an active license in Special Education. She is the Assistant Regional Coordinator for an international non-profit group and a block captain in her neighborhood. Jody is a mother of three and had been a pet owner for 13 years. From these experiences, she has gained knowledge and understanding of varied policies and procedures and how they are applied within organizations. Jody looks forward to utilizing her skills in working with the Board of Veterinary Medicine.

Jody replaces Sharon Todoroff, who the Board thanks for 8 years of public service.

Jody and Ron

Board of Pharmacy Guidance on the Compounding of Veterinary Products

The Minnesota Board of Pharmacy will temporarily exercise enforcement discretion by not requiring a pharmacy to become licensed as a manufacturer when it compounds and distributes a limited supply of veterinary products that are needed in urgent or emergency situations; where the health of the animal is threatened, where suffering or death of the animal is likely to results, from failure to treat.

Note that this guidance will remain in effect only until the Board can promulgate appropriate rules related to this issue.

Details regarding this guidance can be found in this PDF: Urgent and Emergency Veterinary Compounding Guidance.

Rabies Vaccination

The Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine is providing to all Minnesota licensed veterinarians a Rabies Vaccination Guidance Document. This document was created to be a reference document and provide information to veterinarians who administer rabies vaccine to companion animals.

Click the link to view the document. If you are unable to open the document, please try using a different web browser or please visit our Other News section for links to the documents. If you are still unable to access these documents, please send an email request to and PDF copies will be emailed to you.


The Board of Veterinary Medicine is now sending out a digital newsletter after Board meetings to keep you up to date with the latest news and information about veterinary medicine in Minnesota. Please click here to see the Fall 2016 edition of the newsletter. If you did not receive this newsletter in May, please use this page to update your email address.

Previous editions of the newsletter can be found here.

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