2014-2016 Renewals


Frequently Asked Questions

If your license or certificate expired June 30, 2014, click the link below to
renew online or scroll down to print the paper renewal and send with a check.

If your license or certificate expired June 30, 2012 or before,
contact Katherine Berg at the Board office for reinstatement instructions
(651-757-1513 or katherine.berg@state.mn.us).

Click to renew online

Please note the following before you renew online:

- It will take up to 48 hours after renewal for your license status
to update online - it is not immediate.

- Individuals trying to renew using Internet Explorer version 10 or 11 have experienced difficulties. Please use FireFox or Chrome if you have IE 10 or 11 on your machine.

- If you receive the message "Renewal in Progress" when you log in but you have not completed your renewal (i.e. entered your payment information), you will need to wait a couple of hours for the system to refresh before you can try again. Try clearing your web history in your browser if the message does not go away after a couple of hours.

- If you have had disciplinary action taken against you since your last renewal you must complete a paper renewal form. Click the link below to print a form.

Click to print
paper form


IMPORTANT NOTE: On the screen where you verify your payment, make sure you enter the 3-digit code on the back of your card PRIOR to clicking "submit." Your renewal will not go through if the code is not entered or is incorrect.

Screen Shot

All licenses and interior design certificates expire on July 1, 2014 regardless of when they were first issued. You must renew on or before June 30, 2014 to avoid license/certificate expiration.

Continuing education required: You must report a minimum of 24 Professional Development Hours that you earned on or after July 1, 2012 to renew your license this year (unless you are exempt - see below). If you reported more than 24 PDH with your 2012 renewal, you may carryover up to 12 PDH to use for your 2014 renewal.

Click the link below to find an alphabetical listing of individuals with carryover from their 2012 renewal.

Carryover from

If your original license in Minnesota was issued on or after July 1, 2012, you are automatically exempt from reporting continuing education for this renewal period. You will need 24 PDH obtained on or after July 1, 2014 to renew your license in 2016. NO CARRYOVER IS ALLOWED FROM AN EXEMPT PERIOD.

Renewal forms will NOT be mailed. Licensees and certificate holders will receive a postcard reminder to renew. Licensees and certificate holders will be able to renew online using a credit card for payment.

It is the responsibility of each licensee or certificate holder to maintain records of their continuing education activity after reporting it to the Board. When you renew online, carryover will automatically be applied. Do NOT call the Board office to request the staff to lookup your carryover.