Address Changes


Address changes must be received in writing. Please e-mail your address changes to: Allison Desmond at Online renewals are open. Address changes can be completed when you renew your license through the online renewal system.


  • Please only send updates to your public/mailing address. (example: your public/mailing address is your home address and you change jobs - you do not need to inform the Board of your new business address unless you would like the business address to become your public/mailing address)

  • Pursuant to MN Rule 1800.0120, subpart 1, "Each applicant, licensee or certificate holder shall provide the board a current street address and telephone number. A post office box address is not sufficient to satisfy this requirement."

Name Changes


Name changes must be received in writing. Please e-mail your name change request to: Allison Desmond at You must include a copy of your legal name change documentation (such as: marriage certificate, perinent section of divorce decree, etc.). Name changes cannot be made without legal documentation.