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interconnect Minnesota law regulates statewide standards for the interconnection of distributed generation/distributed energy resources 10 MW and under which interconnect to the electric grid at the distribution level. The Commission and a Distributed Generation Work Group comprised of utilities, developers, and public stakeholders are in the process of updating these standards.

The current statewide standards do not cover projects larger than 10 MW or projects that interconnect directly to the transmission system. If a project is going to connect directly to the transmission grid, the Generation Interconnection Procedure at Midcontinent Independent Service Operator (MISO) applies.

See the following references for additional information on Minnesota’s Interconnection Process:

Minn. Stat. 216B.1611 : Interconnection of On-Site Distributed Generation.

[In Effect] Minnesota Distributed Energy Resource Interconnection Process and Agreement (MN DIP and DIA) as approved by the Commission’s April 19, 2019 Order . (For more background, see Docket No. E999/CI-16-521)

[Effective July 1, 2020] Minnesota Technical Interconnection and Interoperability Requirement (TIIR) as approved by the Commission's January 22, 2020 Order and updated per the Commission's April 27, 2020 Notice of Correction on the Interim Implementation Guidance for the TIIR developed by the Distributed Generation Workgroup's Technical Subgroup. The Commission will issue a Notice when the full TIIR goes into effect after IEEE 1547-2018 certified equipment is readily available. (For more background, see Docket No. E999/CI-16-521)

September 28, 2004 Order: Minnesota’s Statewide Interconnection Process and Technical Requirements . (Parts of these interconnection standards are still in effect. Attachment 6 on DG Rate Guidance is still in effect. Interim Implementation of the TIIR refers to Attachment 2.)

The Distributed Generation Workgroup offer updated templates for MN DIP Att. 2 Simplified Application Template (word version) and Att. 3 Interconnection Application (word version). These templates are optional for utilities’ use and do not change the MN DIP. (For more information or PDF versions, see the Commission’s May 7, 2021 Notice.)

Docket No. Year “16” – Number “521” : Updating Minnesota’s Statewide Interconnection Standards and Technical Requirements.

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