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Minnesota Statewide Interconnection Standards Update

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission’s January 24, 2017 Order in Docket No. E999/CI-16-521 established the process and schedule to update the statewide interconnection standards and technical requirements in two phases and consistent with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Small Generator Interconnection Process and Agreement (Phase I) and IEEE 1547 and related technical standards (Phase II.) The MN PUC process for Phase II includes a Distributed Generation Workgroup’s Technical Subgroup (TSG) (utilities, DER industry, and consumer stakeholders) and is anticipated to have a proposed update to statewide technical interconnection and interoperability requirements before the Commission in early 2019. The Commission took action on May 24, 2018 on Phase I. Phase I DGWG materials are available in e-dockets (search Year: 16;Docket No.: 521). The Commission took action on January 22, 2020 on Phase II. See for more information. 

Phase II Technical Subgroup (Docket No. E999/CI-16-521)

Phase II was completed with the Commission’s January 22, 2020 Order. See

The Commission maintains an ongoing Distributed Generation Workgroup to review implementation and technical issues that arise with the statewide interconnection standards or emerging DER technology. If you would like to receive Technical Subgroup or Distributed Generation Workgroup email notifications, please e-file a request to be an Observer in in Docket No. E999/CI-16-521 in e-dockets. Contact Derek Duran, or 651-201-2206  for more information.

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