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Transfer Pathways Documents

Program and Unit Guidance

Transfer Pathways - Unit and Program Approval Guide  Updated October 8, 2019 (refer to underlined changes)

Transfer Pathways - Meeting Unit and Program Standards PowerPoint


EPPAS Access How-To Guide

EPPAS User Access Form

PELSB Forms for Uploading into EPPAS

PELSB Faculty Qualification Chart

Fiscal Attestation 9.11.18

Program Development and Capacity Form

Teacher Standards

Early Childhood Education 

Elementary Education 

Communication Arts and Literature 

Core Skills of Special Education

September 10, 2019

Is the standard met?

Examples of Meeting Unit Standards

2J. the unit's programs evidence culturally responsive curricula 

Metropolitan State University Evidence 

4C. a plan for uniformly assessing and, as appropriate, giving credit to candidates, including out-of-state, transfer, nontradiitonal, or postbaccalaureate, for knowledge and skills acquired through prior academic preparation and teaching experiences that meet licensure requirements, and must maintain records to support decisions made. 
University of Minnesota, Duluth 
6A. maintain complete, accurate, consistent, and current records of candidate progress through the programs, including coursework, field experiences, and other program requirements.
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