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Staff Automated Reporting (STAR)

STAR (STaff Automated Reporting) is a web-based system used by school districts to report employment and assignment information. This system is also used by districts to access the licensure/assignment discrepancy report.

Please note: Districts can continue to use the 2019-2020 documents until they have been updated.

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Accountability in public education is important and the Professional Educator License and Standards Board believes it is critical that teachers are teaching only in those areas for which they are licensed or for which they hold a proper permission. Each year public school districts in Minnesota are required to report the names and teaching assignments of district employees who are working in positions that require licensure under the jurisdiction of PELSB.  Licensing information is then crosschecked with licensure data. PELSB notifies individuals who are found to be teaching out of compliance and disciplinary action can result. 

If you have questions or concerns that an individual may be teaching outside their licensure area, please contact

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