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Working with Collaborators, Partners, and the Public

“How are you spending my tax dollars?!” 

As public servants, we have a responsibility to keep Minnesotans informed and involved in the decisions affecting our state. Opening lines of communication with the public means we can better identify community needs and values, as well as encourage buy-in and support of our projects. We build a better Minnesota with this collaboration, and it’s important to set ourselves up for success. 

Whether you’re presenting at a town hall or responding to citizen emails, clear and respectful communication is the key to working with collaborators and partners outside your organization. Be sure to provide educational and informative content, with obvious action items and contact information. Be deliberate with your words to avoid confusion, and keep conversations on-topic. When gathering feedback, provide multiple avenues to receive feedback to ensure every community member can give input in a way that is comfortable and accessible to them. Whenever possible, follow up to let participants know how you used their feedback in your agency’s work.   No matter what choices or issues need to be addressed, it’s important to be receptive to the viewpoints of the citizens we serve.  

Resources from the Enterprise

From ADM’s Department of Collaboration and Dispute Resolution

Skills Development Courses From MMB’s Enterprise Talent Development

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