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Sharp Skills for a Bright Future

Learn new skills and elevate your career by taking an open enrollment course from ETD. These courses are available to all Minnesota state employees and cover a wide variety of topics including communication, teamwork, personal development, project management and customer service.

Skills Development Courses

Skill development courses include a list of courses that are being offered in the current quarter and the upcoming quarter. These courses are designed for all state and government employees to develop or strengthen professional skills. Courses are available each fiscal quarter and include half day, full day or multi-day sessions. Our courses are held at the ETD Center, conveniently located across the Robert Street Bridge in St. Paul. Explore skills, core, or leadership development topics and get enrolled through Learning Management today!

Current Course Listings

Find a complete list of ETD courses, visit our ETD course catalogue. in the Course Finder, where you can explore courses we've offered in the past, our current courses, or courses we may offer in the future.

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