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Requirements to Serve as a Guardian ad Litem

Prior to 2010, the Judicial Branch was responsible for administration of the Guardian ad Litem program. The Office of the State Court Administrator established Guardian ad Litem Program Standards which were approved by Judicial Council. After the State Guardian ad Litem Board was created in 2010 the Board revised the standards and renamed them Requirements and Guidelines. 
The program requirements establish minimum qualifications for Guardians ad Litem, define the role of the Guardian ad Litem, specify minimum annual training and continuing education and supervision responsibilities.
A. Have a BA or BS in psychology, social work, education, nursing, law, or child related discipline OR have an equivalent combination of training, education or
B. Have access to reliable transportation and a valid driver’s license;
C. Have sufficient listening, speaking, and writing skills to successfully conduct
interviews, prepare written reports, and make oral presentations;
D. Have the ability to become proficient using relevant computer software
programs and databases;
E. Have knowledge and an appreciation of the ethnic, cultural, and socio-economic
backgrounds of the population to be served;
F. Have the ability to (1) relate to a child, family members, and professionals in a careful
and confidential manner; (2) exercise sound judgment and good common sense; and
(3) successfully discharge the duties assigned by the court;
G. Have the ability to complete the training and orientation requirements set forth in
these Requirements and Guidelines; and
H. Must be able to pass a Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) and federal
background check.
(Bases for disqualification are in Minn. Stat. § 245C.14-.15)
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