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Below Cost Gas Pricing

Below Cost Gas Pricing

Any individual or station owner interested in reporting a violation of Minnesota Statute §325D.71 should submit a Below Cost Gas Pricing Complaint Form to the Department. It can be completed on line.

Please fill out the entire form, verify the information on it, and add your name to certify that the information is true and correct. We ask that you submit a form for every day of suspected below cost pricing.

If you have a complaint, we request that you submit a complaint form rather than calling the Weights and Measures office.

Once the Department determines that an investigation is warranted, a warning of a possible violation of the law will be sent and an investigation case file will be opened. If the Department of Commerce determines that a violation of Minnesota Statutes Section 325D.71 continues to occur, the Commissioner of Commerce may issue a Cease and Desist order to any business owner or operator found in violation, and the violating owner or operator may be subject to penalties under law. The penalty for violating a Cease and Desist Order can be severe. (Up to $10,000 per day.)

  • Please fill in the form as completely as possible. 
  • Verify all information. DO NOT report a posted legal price.
Information about you
Your Company Name:*
ZIP:* Phone:*
Source Terminal:
Date of Complaint: Date of Last Load:
Your posted price at time of violation:
Published allowable retail price:
87 Octane
Your Name:*
Your Email:
Violation Information
Company Name:*
ZIP:* Phone:
Transporter/Source Terminal (if known):
Date/time violation was observed:
Duration of Violation (dates & times). One set of date/time/price is required.*
From: To:
Date Time Posted Price
I attest that the above information is true and accurate: Yes No

Do not click the Submit button more than once. It may take a few moments before a confirmation page appears.

Thank you for using our electronic submission form.

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