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Weights & Measures Complaints

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Minnesota Department of Commerce
Weights and Measures Division
14305 Southcross Drive #150
Burnsville, MN 55306
Phone:  651-539-1555
FAX: 952-435-4040
TTY:  952-435-4045

Weights and Measures investigates and resolves consumer complaints relating to:

  • Weighing or measuring equipment accuracy. The most common complaints involve gasoline pump accuracy.
  • Packaged commodities. Most complaints involve the net weight or measure of packaged foods and other consumer commodities.
  • Petroleum product quality, including octane levels and labeling, water in gasoline, and other problems.

We also accept complaints by telephone at 651-539-1555 or email at You must be able to provide complete information about the problem, including the identity of the product purchased and the name and address of the business where the product was purchased. For gasoline complaints, we need to know the specific gas pump as well.

We can only contact you with results of the investigation if you provide your name and phone number. If you do provide this information, it will become part of the public record as required by the Data Practices Act.

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