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Important information for retailers of groceries, firewood, motor oil, motor oil filters or lead acid batteries.

Grocer's Manual

This manual will help grocers and consumers understand how items should be weighed and packaged correctly.

Toy Safety

If during the course of normal use or through wear and tear, the product has a risk of injury or illness through: electrical hazard; mechanical hazard; thermal hazard; toxicity from ingestion, inhalation or absorption through skin or any body surface; flammability; or asphyxiation or suffocation.

Cigarette Vendors

The minimum prices for wholesalers and retailers, as provided for by Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 325D, are shown in this schedule.  The computations are based on KNOWN manufacturers’ list prices and the products listed are a SAMPLING of the total cigarette market in Minnesota including cigarette brands that ARE affected by the “Non-Settlement Fee” as well as brands that are not. 

Credit Card Skimmers

The Minnesota Department of Commerce wants to help service station operators protect their customers from credit card skimmers.

Buying Firewood

Before you purchase any wood, ask for the seller's name, business address, and phone number. Request a receipt with this information as well as the price, amount, and agreed upon type of wood. Without this information, it is difficult to settle a dispute should one arise. 


Complaint about packaging or tare at a Minnesota location.

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