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Fiscal Notes System

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The Fiscal Note Tracking System (FNTS) is a computerized system designed to collect and present analysis of the fiscal impact of proposed legislation.  The system consists of the following five major functions:

  • Security function controls system sign-on and access rights for legislative, state agency, and MMB user roles.
  • Request function enables the legislature to electronically request fiscal notes and Minnesota Management & Budget to assign and notify assigned agencies.
  • Preparation function enables agencies to enter, edit and store fiscal note data.
  • Tracking function enables users to determine the processing status of fiscal note requests.
  • Reporting function enables users to view and print the fiscal note, tracking reports, and statistical reports.

Instructions, policies, and training materials for state agency and other users of the fiscal note system are provided below.


           UAT Sign Up Form (word)

Policy Manual

Fiscal Notes Tracking System Access Policy (pdf)

Fiscal Notes Policy Manual (pdf)

Technical Manual

Fiscal Notes Process (pdf)

Fiscal Notes Technical Manual (pdf)

Rule Note Policies and Procedures

Rule Note Policy Manual (pdf)

Forms and Worksheets

2014 Fiscal Note Worksheet (pdf) | 2014 Fiscal Note Worksheet (word)

2014 Rule Note Worksheet (pdf) | 2014 Rule Note Worksheet (word)

2014 FNTS Authorization Form (pdf) | 2014 FNTS Authorization Form (word)

If you need assistance with Fiscal Notes, please contact Camille Drinkwine at: 651-259-3772, or by e-mail at --- or Michelle Weber at: 651-201-8007, or by e mail at: