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Statewide Budget System

There are three primary statewide information systems related to state budgeting.

They are used by executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government: for budget preparation, capital budget preparation, and preparing fiscal notes.

General information:

The statewide budget systems are managed by the budget operations unit of MMB. They provide on-line budget development and access to budget information to statewide users in the executive and legislative branches. 

The Budget Planning & Analysis System (BPAS) is used to collect and present historical, current and projected budget data - and produce the Governor’s Proposed Biennial Budget. It is also used to manage proposed supplemental budget changes in the off-year after the biennial budget is enacted. 

The Capital Budget System (CBS) is the statewide system used to collect and analyze capital budget proposals from agencies and local units of government - to produce the Governor's Proposed Capital Budget.

The Fiscal Notes Tracking System (FNTS) is the statewide system which supports the production of fiscal notes during legislative sessions as required in Minnesota Statutes, Section 3.98. FNTS is accessed by several hundred users including state agencies, constitutional officers, institutions of higher education, the courts, small boards and commissions, and the legislature.

Budget systems projects information:

Budget system bulletins provide time-sensitive information on system status, changes, issues, required actions, or solutions to a particular problem - particularly during times of the year when system use and activity is high:

Budget Systems Replacement Project

Replacement projects are currently underway for all three statewide systems. The BPAS budget system went "live" in June 2012 and was used for preparation of the FY 2014-15 biennial budget. Current system development activities consist of two of more "phases" to complete the implementation of BPAS.

A replacement for the current capital budget System (CBS) is scheduled to be operational by May 2015; and a replacement for the current Fiscal Notes System (FNTS) is scheduled to go live January 2015, for the 2015 legislative session.

Budget systems newsletters provide updates on the replacement projects for each system. Recent newsletters are listed here: