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Security Access Forms

Use the links on the page to download the forms necessary for access to SWIFT, the SWIFT Data Warehouse, and the IA Data Warehouse.

The fax number for statewide systems security is 651-797-1341.
  • IA Warehouse Password Information
    The Information Access (IA) Data Warehouse contains Statewide Employee Management Application data (SEMA4) and Minnesota Accounting and Procurement system data (MAPS), used in reporting. Most people use Crystal Reports or Crystal Runtime to access the warehouse and run reports, but some people use other tools such as Microsoft Access.

    The requirements for the password you use to sign into the IA Data Warehouse are being strengthened. This will help keep the warehouse information more secure.

    Part of this policy change requires you to change your password every 90 days to meet the new requirements. Seven days before the password expires, you will start receiving email messages stating, "Your Information Access Data Warehouse password will expire on [DATE]". At this time you will need to change your password. You will continue to receive an email each day until your password has been changed or expires.

    Change your IA Data Warehouse password

    To do this you must have the IA Password Change program installed on your computer. Changing the password can be done by clicking on Start on your Windows Desktop, then click either "All Programs" (Windows XP) or "Programs" (Windows 2000), then "Information Access", "IA Password Change". Type your current password, type a new password (at least eight characters), type it again in the Confirm Password field, and click OK.

    If you do not have the IA Password Change program on your computer, (Start> Programs or All Programs> Information Access> IA Password Change) please call the SWIFT helpdesk at 651-201-8100 - option #2 for assistance. This will require a login ID, password and assistance from your IT staff to .FTP the file and install it in the proper location.

    You play a crucial role in preventing others from signing in to your IA Data Warehouse account. Never reveal your password to another person. Ensure you have changed your initial password, create "strong" passwords, and change them on a frequent basis. Strong passwords are ones that are not easily discovered or guessed.

    Creating a new password and the characteristics of a strong password.
    • Must have at least eight characters (passwords are not case sensitive) 
    • Must contain at least one alpha, one numeric, and one special character 
    • Allowable special characters are ~ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ - + ` : ; " . , ! ? = 
    • Cannot contain special characters @ [ ] { } \ ' 
    • Note: Special characters that are common to both IA and the Mainframe * $ : % . ? # _ - ! & 
    • Cannot contain blanks (spaces) 
    • Cannot be the same as your user name 
    • Cannot be a word in a list of common specific words (e.g., 'welcome', 'oracle', 'computer', 'abcd') 

    When changing your password please remember that, the system keeps track of your previous four passwords and prevents you from re-using them within 90 days.

    After 10 attempts to sign in with the wrong password your account will be locked. If your account has been locked, before you attempt to login, you will need to contact the SWIFT Helpdesk at the phone number or email address listed below to first unlock your account.

    • System generated emails will be sent when it's time to change your password 
    • If you prefer, you can change your password now rather than waiting to be prompted 
    • When you change your password the new password must follow the requirements listed above 

    If you have questions about the password requirements for the IA Data Warehouse, please contact the SWIFT Helpdesk, 651-201-8100, Option 2