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Payroll Calculators

These calculators include macros for printing worksheets, adjusting display size, and quitting or exiting the calculator. For security reasons these macros are often disabled by default settings on the user's computer. You may need to enable these safe macros each time you open a calculator. If you have concerns or need further assistance, contact your agency application software specialist or system administrator.

  • W-2 Calculator

    W-2 Calculator

    The W-2 Calculator is an Excel spreadsheet designed to assist users in determining how the dollar amounts reported in boxes 1, 3, and 5 of the W-2 were calculated. Users will need their last paystub of the calendar year. If users need assistance with other data on the W-2, see W-2 Information (below).

  • W-2 Information

    W-2 Information (pdf version) | (word version)

    This document, along with the W-2 Calculator and the last paystub of the calendar year, will help users interpret data on the W-2.

  • Net Pay Calculator

    The Net Pay Calculator is an Excel spreadsheet designed to determine the effect of certain payroll changes, such as: pay raises, special payments, achievement awards, deferred compensation, dependent care deferrals, and federal or state tax allowances on tax withholding and net pay.

    When using the Net Pay Calculator, users will need a current paystub so that all the necessary information can be entered to receive an accurate calculation.

    It is recommended that users also have the Net Pay Calculator PowerPoint presentation open so they can access the definitions and directions when necessary (see below).

  • Net Pay Calculator PowerPoint Presentation

    Net Pay Calculator (PowerPoint presentation) 

    Note for employees with PowerPoint 2007: After opening the presentation, you need to click the Slide Show tab and then Start Slide Show From Beginning in order for the presentation to display properly. 

    The Net Pay Calculator PowerPoint Presentation does not work as intended with some versions of Internet Explorer. Slide 7 of the presentation links to explanations of calculator fields. Clicking the Form link on an explanation page should return you to page 7. Instead, it returns you to page 3 with some browser versions. If this happens, click the Next button on pages 3, 4, 5 and 6 to return to page 7.