Applications for Examination or Licensure

Please note: You must apply to the Board and have your application approved BEFORE you apply to NCEES Exam Administration Services to take the FE or PE exam. You will not be allowed to register with NCEES Exam Administration Services unless you have a current, approved application on file in the Board office.

Fundamentals of Engineering "FE" Exam Application

Principles and Practice of Engineering "PE" Exam Application*

*Use this application for any discipline of the engineering exam including the 16-hour structural exam.

Sample Employment Verification - Click for an example of what the Board should receive from EVERY supervisor for PE Exam applicants. Applicants complete the items in red and the supervisor completes the items in blue. Forms must be received from the supervisor.

Application for Professional Engineer License
(BY Comity or EEE)

"Comity" is similar to reciprocity and is for applicants
who hold a license in another jurisdiction.

Frequently Asked Questions - Click for frequently asked questions regarding engineering applications.

Computer-Based Testing Information - Visit the NCEES website for more information. See also the NCEES Examinee Guide.


Study Materials

To order preparation materials, please go to the NCEES website or call: (864) 654-6824 or (800) 250-3196.

Exam Specifications and Design Standards

NCEES Guidelines for progressive engineering experience


NCEES YouTube Videos

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