Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure that the enforcement information is correct. However, this information should not be relied upon without verification from the Board office. It should be noted that the names of companies and individuals listed may be similar to the names of the parties who have not had enforcement actions taken. Discipline orders are public data and copies may be obtained by contacting the Board office.

Orders are organized by year issued. Please contact the Board office for orders issued before January 2004.


2004-2007 Orders

2008-2011 Orders

2012-2015 Orders


Disciplinary Actions — Current Year


(By Date Issued)
May 11, 2017
Mayes, Charles Grant
Ooten, Anthony
Weyandt, Jeffrey
Wicklund, Clark

March 23, 2017
Freihammer, Jeremy

January 31, 2017
Klein, Michael J.
Ray, Joel
Verburg, Rens B. M., PhD

Bonnell, Martin D.
Forbes, Mark
Gerszewski, Robert
Gilliard, Willis L. (3)
Gilliard, Willis L. (4)
Her, Peter
Leuthold, Kurt
Odens, Dennis
Ross, Stanley J. (2)
Ross, Stanley J. (3)
Stroh, Bernard
Tomlinson, Eric J.
Tomlinson, Eric J. (2)
Toney, William L., Jr.