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What We Do


The Minnesota Legislature established the Office of School Trust Lands in 2012. Minnesota law requires us to:

  1. Advise and provide recommendations to the Governor, Executive Council, Legislative Permanent School Fund Commission, and Department of Natural Resources on school trust land management policies and activities;
  2. Work with the Permanent School Fund Commission on legislation to secure the maximum long-term revenue from school trust assets; and
  3. Develop and implement long-range comprehensive strategic plans to ensure efficient management of those assets.

We are guided by obligations articulated in the Minnesota Constitution and state law and have a fiduciary duty to ensure that both current and future beneficiaries receive maximum economic returns from school trust assets. As trustees, we have legal and ethical responsibilities to act solely in their best interest.

Our Mission
Develop and advocate for sustainable asset management strategies that maximize long-term revenue for Minnesota's public schools.

Our Vision
Increased public school funding from a diverse set of activities on Minnesota's school trust lands.

We hope you will continue to stay engaged with us and lend your voice to the work we do on behalf of the Permanent School Fund beneficiaries. There are numerous ways to connect with us, to participate in our decision-making, and to stay informed about our activities.

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