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Licensing and Academic Standards (R 4615)


PELSB is considering making changes to the following rules:

Additionally, PELSB is considering to:

  • Clarify several tiered licensure requirements set forth in 8710.0100-8710.0900
  • Repeal language governing Applicants Prepared Outside Minnesota, 8710.0400
  • Repeal references to "professional license," throughout chapter 8710

To review the proposed changes, please see the most recent draft below.


PELSB is currently accepting comments on the proposed changes. PELSB will accept comments until further notice is published in the State Register that PELSB intends to adopt rules.

Members of the public can submit comments in writing or orally to:

Michelle Hersh Vaught, Rulemaking Specialist
Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board
1021 Bandana Blvd. E., Suite 222
St. Paul, MN 55108
Phone: 651-539-4187
Fax: 651-642-0708

Members of the public can also submit comments via the Office of Administrative Hearings Rulemaking eComments website.

Key rulemaking documents:

More information:

To receive notices about rulemaking efforts, including upcoming stakeholder meetings, please subscribe to our Rulemaking email list.

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