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Special Education: Early Childhood (ECSE) Licensure Standards

PELSB is considering changes to the licensure standards for Special Education: Early Childhood. These standards define what licensure candidates need to know and be able to do at the completion of their preparation program. Specifically, the Board is considering whether to replace the current licensure standards (M.R. 8710.5500) with national standards that were released in 2020.

If rule changes are adopted, ECSE preparation programs will be required to implement these new standards.

Rulemaking Step Date
Publish Request for Comments March 14, 2022
Initial Comment Periods March 14, 2022 - May 20, 2022
Board authorization to publish the Notice of Intent to Adopt Rules  July 29, 2022
Publish Notice of Intent to Adopt proposed rules in State Register Anticipated in late fall

Final adoption of rules:

  • No hearing
  • With a hearing
  • ~3 months after the Notice of intent to Adopt rules is published
  • ~6 months after the Notice of Intent to Adopt Rules is published
Proposed effective date July 1, 2025

Key rulemaking documents: 

Impacted Rules

  • 8710.5500

More information:

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