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PELSB Data Reports

PELSB’s online reports provide data on all licensed educators (teachers, administrators, related services and non-instructional personnel), related to tier level, licensure area, district, region, and other demographic information. This data comes from two primary sources: license applications and Staff Automated Reporting (STAR). 

Historical Context

Licensing applications supply data on an educator’s license type, scope, and licensure area, as well as each educator’s demographic and contact information. This data is housed and processed in a number of ways. Historically, this data was processed using paper applications and stored on microfiche. During the 1980s, licensing data moved from being stored on microfiche to a new system called ClearPath. More recently, PELSB has begun the transition from ClearPath to a new online system, Educator’s Online. While each of these transitions has helped streamline the licensing process, it has had some minor, unintended consequences for historical data. These issues are noted in the Key Terms section. Beginning in 2021, licensing data in PELSB’s online reports will be updated on a quarterly basis (March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31).
The STAR report provides educator assignment and employment data as reported by each school district. Data from STAR is currently collected on an annual basis in the late fall or early winter. Previous to 2017, STAR data was collected two times a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. This data is reported by district staff, verified by PELSB staff, and then uploaded into PELSB’s database. 

How to Navigate PELSB’s Data Reports

I’m looking for data on…

Number of licenses/permissions held in a particular licensure area or number of educators who hold a particular license/permission
Number of licenses or permissions issued in a particular licensure area
  • Licenses Issued by Subject  
  • Permissions Issued by Subject  
Demographics of educators broken down by license and permission type
  • Headcount Licenses & Permissions Demographics
  • Licenses Issued Demographics 
Educator Salary 
Educator demographic information (race/ethnicity, gender, age, education level, years of experience)
Individual and/or district and school level work assignments
Individual and/or district and school level employment (contract salary, workdays, work assignment, etc.)
Individual educators’ license areas and work assignments
FTE in subject areas broken down by district
Demographic (race/ethnicity and gender), headcount, and/or FTE information for each assignment area
Number and demographic background (race/ethnicity and gender) of administrators, teachers, and other licensed staff members working in each district or school 
  • Licensed Staff FTE by Category - School 
Number of educators working in a particular subject area (assignment code) or FTE in each subject area
  • Licensed Staff FTE by Assignment - State Demo
  • Licensed Headcount and FTE by Assignment Code

List of Reports

Staff Data

  1. Demographics – Admin (district level data) 19-20
  2. Demographics – Admin (district level data) 20-21
  3. Demographics – Teachers (district level data) 19-20
  4. Demographics – Teachers (district level data) 20-21
  5. Licensed Average Salary by District 19-20
  6. Licensed Average Salary by District 20-21
  7. Staff Assignment 19-20
  8. Staff Assignment 20-21
  9. Staff Employment 19-20
  10. Staff Employment 20-21
  11. Educator License & Assignment 20-21 (used to be Staff License) 
  12. Teacher FTE by Subject 19-20
  13. Teacher FTE by Subject 20-21
  14. Licensed Staff FTE by Assignment - District 19-20
  15. Licensed Staff FTE by Assignment - District 20-21
  16. Licensed Staff FTE by Assignment - EDR 19-20
  17. Licensed Staff FTE by Assignment - EDR 20-21
  18. Licensed Staff FTE by Assignment - School 19-20
  19. Licensed Staff FTE by Assignment - School 20-21
  20. Licensed Staff FTE by Assignment - State 19-20
  21. Licensed Staff FTE by Assignment - State 20-21

Staff License Lookup

  1. Staff License Lookup

Staff License & Permissions

  1. Licenses Issued by Subject 19-20
  2. Licenses Issued by Subject 20-21
  3. Permissions Issued by Subject 19-20
  4. Permissions Issued by Subject 20-21
  5. Licenses Held by District
  6. Permissions Held by District  
  7. Licenses Issued Demographics 19-20
  8. Permissions Issued Demographics
  9. Headcount License Demographics 
  10. Headcount Permissions Demographics 
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