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Approved Preparation Programs in Minnesota

PELSB does not review teacher preparation programs outside Minnesota. If you have obtained a regionally-accredited bachelor's degree from a state-approved teacher preparation program with field-specific student teaching equivalent to Minnesota's requirements, you may qualify for a Minnesota teacher license under the tiered licensure structure. Please see the Licensure Requirements webpage for more information.


Initial License: Open to candidates without a teaching license.
Additional License:
Open to candidates with a teaching license.
Additional to ABS:
Only open to candidates with an Academic and Behavioral Strategist License.
Only open to candidates with a teaching license.
The program is designed for undergraduate candidates.
The program is designed for candidates who have already completed an undergraduate degree. The program may or may not lead an advanced degree.

Please note: Click the triangle on the left side of a row to see additional information about the program.

Minnesota Licensure Fields

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