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Fingerprint Cards

Individuals seeking their initial license with PELSB are required to complete a fingerprint background check. The 30-day licensure processing time begins once PELSB receives the results of the background check. More information on the fingerprint card process can be found below.


1. Request a fingerprint card through PELSB using this form or by calling 651-539-4200 (option 1). PELSB will mail out the approved fingerprint card to the address provided. PELSB is not able to email the card.

2. Be fingerprinted. A list of Minnesota places (not exhaustive) to be fingerprinted can be found on the right side of this page. PELSB does not require that you are fingerprinted in the state of Minnesota However, the fingerprinting needs to be completed on the fingerprint card provided by PELSB or on a white card with sky-blue outline (FD-28).

3. Submit completed fingerprint card with application materials to the PELSB office. PELSB must receive a fingerprint card as part of your application to begin processing the licensure application. Please ensure your fingerprint card includes your full legal name, date of birth, signature, and date the fingerprints were taken. PELSB can only accept fingerprint cards that have been completed within the last calendar year. Cards completed more than one-year ago and/or incomplete cards will result in the entire application being returned to the licensure candidate for completion.

4. PELSB securely forwards the completed fingerprint cards to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) to process the background check. PELSB must obtain the results of the background check from the BCA prior to issuing a license.

5. Based on the BCA's background check report, PELSB continues the process of reviewing the licensure application.

  • If a background check is flagged, it will be forwarded to PELSB's Ethics Department for further review. PELSB strongly urges all applicants to be completely forthcoming on their application and to submit any supporting documentation for any items which will be flagged by the BCA.
  • If the BCA returns the fingerprint card as "not classifiable" (unreadable), the applicant will be notified by PELSB that a second fingerprint card will need to be submitted. Without the second card, PELSB will not be able to issue a teaching license and the application is considered incomplete. Resubmission of fingerprint cards occurs in about 5% of all applications.
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Fingerprinting FAQs

I have previously been fingerprinted. Can PELSB use those results, or do I need to be fingerprinted again?
  • PELSB is unable to use previous fingerprinting and the results for licensure purposes, including if you have been recently fingerprinted by your school district. All initial licensure applicants must submit a complete fingerprint card to PELSB as part of their initial licensure application.
If I previously held a Minnesota educator license, do I need to be fingerprinted again?
  • No, if you received a Minnesota educator license previously (even if it is expired), you do not need to be fingerprinted again.
Can I submit electronic fingerprints?
  • Currently, PELSB does not accept electronic or scanned fingerprints. Fingerprints may be scanned but must be printed on a fingerprint card.
Will PELSB provide me with a copy of my background check?
  • PELSB is unable to share background check results with applicants or school districts. If you would like a copy of your background check, please visit the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) website for more information on requesting a background check.
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