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Community Living: Project Interdependence

Year Description Author/Publisher File name
1979 California Guidelines for the Use of Behavior Interventions to Restore Personal Autonomy Joint Task Force, California Dept of Education, Social Services, Health Services & Developmental Services 79-CGU-CDE.pdf
1979 Asilomar Meeting of Friends of Developmental Services Friends of Developmental Services 79-AMF-FDS.pdf
1982 Project Interdependence World Interdependence Fund 82-PDP-WIF.pdf
1984 Report on Project Interdependence William Bronston, M.D. 84-RPI-WB.pdf
1984 Resolution - Project Interdependence Honorable Willie Lewis Brown, Jr. 84-RPI-WLB.pdf
1985 WIN Interdependence Workshop Paul Lodi 85-WIW-PL.pdf
1985 WIN Interdependence Sponsors WIN Interdependence 85-WIS-WIN.pdf
1985 WIN Interdependence Sponsors WIN Interdependence 85-WIS-WIN2.pdf
1985 WIN Interdependence Medical Assistance Protocol WIN Interdependence 85-MAP-WIN.pdf
1985 Articles about Bud Greenspan Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Times-Union and Journal, Chicago Tribune, Sports Illustrated, Detroit Free Press, Newsweek, The Washington Post,  85-ABG-LAT.pdf
1986 Evaluation of Project Interdependence John S. Ebeling, Phd 86-EPI-ISE.pdf
1987 Guidelines for Reporting and Writing About People With Disabilities Research and Training Center University of Kansas 87-GFR-RTC.pdf
1992 New Mexico Interdependence Forum World Interdependence Fund 92-NMI-WIF.pdf
1992 Shared Thoughts J.B. Pena 92-ST-JBP.pdf
1992 Their Future, Our Future Alejandro Lopez, The New Mexican 92-TFO-AI.pdf
1992 Discover Interdependence  World Interdependence Fund 92-DI-WIF.pdf
1992 Student Projects Matrix World Interdependence Fund 92-SPM-WIF.pdf
1992 Careers, Sciences, Art, Sports, Recreation Flyers World Interdependence Fund 92-CSA.pdf
1993 What is Inclusion? Shafik Abu-Tahir 93-WII-SAT.pdf
1993 Data Analysis and Discussion of Youth Leadership Development, Best Practices from WIF Program Survey William Bronston, M.D. and Billie Shawl 93-DAD-WB.pdf
1993 Lifting The Limits with Technology Diane Bristow and Gail Pickering 93-LLT-RIS.pdf
1994 Anchor Interdependence Dialogue World Interdependence Fund 94-AID-WIF.pdf
1994 "Youth Working Together to Build More Humane Relationships" Pamphlet Future Leaders Network 94-YWT-FLN.pdf
1994 Future Leaders Network Summer Retreat Schedule Future Leaders Network 94-FLN-FLN.pdf
1994 Youth News Future Leaders Network 94-YN-FLN.pdf
1994 Solid As A Rock The American Friends Service Committee 94-SAA-AFS.pdf
1994 There Are No Disabled People Shafik Abu-Tahir 94-TAN-SAT.pdf
1994 Tower Of Youth Tower of Youth 94-TOY-TOY.pdf
1994 The Scope of World Interdependence Fund World Interdependence Fund 94-TSO-WIF.pdf
1994 Critical Success Factors World Interdependence Fund 94-CSF-WIF.pdf
1994 Interdependence Training and Technical Assistance Menu World Interdependence Fund 94-ITT-WIF.pdf
1994 WIF Project Interdependence State Staffing Guidelines and Cost Factors World Interdependence Fund 94-WIF-WIF.pdf
1994 Learning Objectives World Interdependence Fund 94-LO-WIF.pdf
1994 Keynote Speech – Interdependence World Interdependence Fund 94-KSI-WIF.pdf
1994 Project Interdependence Community Development Model World Interdependence Fund 94-PIC-WIF.pdf
1994 Normalization World Interdependence Fund 94-NOR-WIF.pdf