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Getting Work Done

Find resources and advice to assist in generating and measuring results and developing the skills you need to lead projects.

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Communications and Delegation

Ensure everyone understands their role in reaching goals.

Grant Writing

Writing well – with clarity, consistency, and creativity – will better your chances of getting approved.

Maximizing Technology

We can strategize and problem-solve more efficiently when we know what we are capable of.

Program Evaluation

Coming soon! Program evaluation can help leaders understand how programs are working and can inform decisions about the future. 

Project Management

Managing a project is all about balancing time, cost, and quality. 

Results-Based Accountability 

Coming soon! Management Analysis and Development can help you answer the questions about what works well. 

Something Missing?

The Leadership Learning Hub is a collaborative space – please participate!

Submit this form if you would like to suggest a new topic, recommend additional resources for an existing topic, or if you have general feedback for the site. Visit our Site Standards and FAQ for more information on The Leadership Learning Hub.

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