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Maximizing Use of Technology

Knowledge is power! 

Knowledge of our technology is the best way to maximize it. We can strategize and problem-solve more efficiently when we know what we are capable of, and we can explore more options when we develop our skills.  

Big Ideas

When we talk about creative solutions, we sometimes get stuck on how to implement them. Knowing the ins and outs of the tech that we have can turn a good idea into a great one or make an impossible idea more realistic. You can also prevent a lot of headaches by stopping your team from reinventing the wheel every time someone wants to try something new. 

Project Management

The programs that we use at work help keep us organized and create accessible content. Simple things like setting calendar reminders and having a thoughtful file structure help to keep a project moving. 

Staying Connected

Whether it’s working across departments or reaching remote areas of Minnesota, technology is what keeps us connected. Our tech offers multiple avenues for communication and makes collaboration easier than ever before.

In the information age, there is no need to fear the unknown. Resources are available to you to learn new skills or develop the ones you already have. Even subject matter experts discover tricks after an old program gets an update! Don’t let yourself or your team feel down about not knowing how to use a tool, because every tech skill is teachable. 

Resources from the Enterprise


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