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Grant Writing

“Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it’s not all mixed up” – A. A. Miline

Grant writing is both an art and a science. An art, because you need to create a compelling story. A science, because there are things you must do to ensure your story will be read.

Writing well – with clarity, consistency, and creativity – will better your chances of getting approved.

Read and re-read
Before doing anything else, understand all of the requirements of the grant opportunity. Read the fine print! There is no wiggle room when it comes to grants – don’t create a proposal if the organization doesn’t meet every qualification and requirement.

Align with the funder
Doing research on the funder and their mission, vision, and values is key. If you can convince the funder that your project can help them reach their goals, you’ll have an edge over the applicants who only focus on themselves.

Clearly define your goal
An unclear goal will discredit your proposal. If funders don’t fully understand whyyou’re seeking a grant, or the benefits of your project, you’re unlikely to receive any funding. If the funder misinterprets your proposal, your project may be derailed down the line even if you receive funding in the beginning.

Stay organized
Research and writing takes hard work – don’t let disorganization get in the way of your grant! Be sure you’re consistently documenting your ideas, labelling your files, and taking dilligent notes. Just has you have read, and re-read the grant instructions, you should read, and re-read your proposal before submitting to ensure it responds to all the criteria and inspires confidence in your ultimate goal.

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