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Learning Management (LM), is the state’s learning management system. Enterprise Talent Development uses Learning Management to register, track and report on learning delivered through classroom, seminar, video or e-learning platforms. Learning Management is available for all agencies to use.*

When you become officially enrolled in a course, you will receive confirmations and reminders from Typically, reminders are sent out fourteen (14) and seven (7) days before the course start date. If you do not receive an email, please first confirm that your email address is correct in self-service. If your status is "enrolled" for the course but you have not received an email, contact ETD by calling 651-259-3646 or email

*For agency specific enrollment practices or enrollment assistance, contact your agency training coordinator from the list below. Please review our cancellation and rescheduling policies before enrolling.

Enrollment in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Search

Find your desired course, series or workshop by browsing through the development categories or using the ETD Course Finder. You can also directly log into the State of Minnesota Self-Service portal to search for your course or program in Learning Management. *Note: If you do not have access to Self-Service, please visit our Local Government Employee page for specific registration instructions.

> Guide to enrolling in an ETD course 
> ETD Course List

2. Enroll

Next, enroll in your desired course within Learning Management through the Learning link of the Self-Service portal. A confirmation of pending enrollment will be sent to your state email. Additionally, an email will then be sent to your manager, supervisor or training coordinator to approve your enrollment. *Please note you will not receive any notifications from the system if your state email address is not accurate in SEMA4. Follow this guide to enter or verify your business e-mail is correct in Self-Service.

3. Approve & Confirm

Depending on your agency's enrollment practices, your manager, supervisor or training coordinator will finalize your enrollment by approving your training in Learning Management. When a manager or training coordinator approves training for an employee it is acknowledgment that the appropriate agency fiscal policies have been followed and completed. You will then receive an enrollment verification email from Learning Management. You are not enrolled in the course until your request for training has been approved by your manager, supervisor or training coordinator. All employees must have a purchase order for encumbered funds prior to enrollment. 

In order to reserve your spot, all (3) three steps must be completed. Please be aware that if a course has become full by the time you are approved, you will be placed on the wait list for this session. Before attending a course, verify you have received an enrollment confirmation email from Learning Management. If you have been placed on the waitlist, you will receive an email from the system stating your position on the list.

Agency Learning Management Administrator Contacts

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