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Confident business woman shaking hands with a coworker.

The Next Step in Your Career

Increase your effectiveness as a supervisor or manager with ETD’s Core Development programs. Our programs will help build skills to elevate your leadership and support team growth in order to increase workplace performance and accomplish individual and team goals.

Core Development Programs

Core training programs in Supervision, Management and  Human Resources deliver critical information on state policies, procedures and skills for professional success. Supervisory Core and Management Core are required for job certification and must be completed within the probationary period of appointment. Participation in Human Resource Core is not required, but provides vital, foundational information for Human Resource professionals within state government.

Note: The development core programs are only available to state employees. Due to the specific policy information presented in these courses, it would not be a benefit to City/County employees. To attend programs, your online enrollment must be completed prior to the start date.

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