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    Telecommunications Access Minnesota Program Administration The commissioner of commerce is responsible for creating the Telecommunications Access Minnesota Program. The fund pays for the state's telecommunication relay service and the distribution of telecommunication devices for Minnesota residents who are deaf, deafblind, hard of hearing or have a communication disability (this is the Telephone Equipment Distribution Program- TED). The commissioner of human services decides how to determine eligibility and defines economic hardship, special needs, and household criteria to establish the priority of which applicants will receive devices. The commissioner will specify what devices to purchase and inform the public of the program. The commissioner of human services can also create an advisory board that must include a one member who is deaf, one who is hard of hearing, one who has a speech disability, and one who is disabled in mobility. The commissioner of commerce must administer the fund and prepare an annual report about the program's finances, accessibility, services, future operations, and discuss the overall effectiveness of the telephone system. The commissioner can contract with a qualified vendor to create and maintain the relay service. MN Statute 237.51 and MN Rule 8775.0300
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