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Videos and Podcasts

On the Autism Spectrum: Families Find Help and Hope

On the Autism Spectrum: Families Find Help and Hope," is a series of five short films that raise awareness and understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and services available to Minnesota families within the following communities: African American, Hmong, Latino, Native American, and Somali. 

The films provide support, encouragement, and direction for families experiencing ASD within communities that have historically underutilized available resources. Each 15-20 minute film features interviews with parents, advocates, medical professionals, educators, and community leaders speaking in the language of the target community with available subtitles in English.

On the Autism Spectrum (African American Community)
On the Autism Spectrum (American Indian Community)
On the Autism Spectrum (Hmong Community)
On the Autism Spectrum (Latino Community)
On the Autism Spectrum (Somali Community)

Additional Video Resources

View the Child Care Aware of MN TELL Talk Creating Inclusive Environments for Children with Autism. This TELL Talk shared an introduction to autism in Minnesota, online resources, addressing concerns with families, as well as several services, supports and strategies to create inclusive child care settings.

A conversation between an autistic adult and a parent of an autistic child in the Hmong community. They discuss stigma, support, and the importance of their unique cultural lens on discussions about disability.

In this video, you will learn about the in-demand field of Behavioral Health Careers in MN. The video highlights several Behavior Therapists sharing what they love most about working in this rewarding career field. Explore the vast opportunities this career field has to offer and start your journey today!

Embracing differences: Starting a cultural conversation around disabilities


FraserCast E15 - Minnesota DHS Autism Resources: Through a collaboration of several state agencies, the Minnesota Department of Human Services put together a valuable website for parents and caregivers who have children with autism: the Minnesota Autism Resource Portal.

The MN Autism Resource Portal Team recorded two podcasts for the Center for Inclusive Child Care: Inclusion Matters, Podcast. Part 1 provides an overview of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and some early signs to watch for as parents and professionals care for young children. Part 2 highlights the MN Autism Resource Portal and the resources it provides to professionals and parents.

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