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2022 Archived Sessions

Success Through Failure

Jack Stahlmann

There are often hundreds of submissions for a single acting role in Hollywood, and this makes Jack a self-proclaimed expert when it comes to failure. In this session, he comically reminisces about his professional flops and encourages audiences to embrace smart failures that can lead to major successes. After this session: 

Participants will develop an inventor’s outlook on success, accepting the new reality of failing many times as a way to learn and adjust to obtain the desired results. 

Your group will have a new perspective on the fear of failure by examining the upside. 

The team will laugh hard along the way, mostly at Jack’s expense.

I’m Not Limping. That’s Swagger! How shifting your perspective can dramatically boost your potential.

Kelsey Tainsh

More than ever, organizations and their employees are facing increased stress from constant change, competition and disruption. But 29 year-old stroke survivor Kelsey Tainsh will remind you that your worst day is better than the best day for billions around the world. Armed with her quirky sense of humor, engaging stories and relevant message, Kelsey helps organizations and their people gain the perspective needed to overcome any challenge in their life and in their work. Audiences walk away with a resilient new mindset and a fresh appreciation for the gift of work, accomplishment and the relationships we all share.

How do we keeping people from falling?

Kemal Munn, State Safety Coordinator, Risk Management Division

Todd Christenson, State Safety Program Manager, Risk Management Division

While this session will review some of best practices within state government and private industries that are used to reduce slips, trips and falls in the workplace, traditional methods used are not working. Slips, trips and falls continue to be the leading cause of injuries statewide. 

We need to explore alternative methods and foster creative ideas to reduce injuries caused from slips, trips and falls in the workplace. 

One of the main cause of this type of injuries are distracted employees. Injuries results because employees are rushing, carrying material, frustrated, or texting and walking. Let’s find some innovative ways to keep people on their feet.

Automated Vehicles – Are They Going to Help or Hurt Safety?

Major Sean Meagher, Minnesota State Patrol

Kristin White, Innovation Director, Connected and Automated Vehicles Office, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Industry is quickly advancing automated vehicle technology, is Minnesota ready? This panel will discuss efforts being made by Minnesota to prepare, share the risks and benefits of this technology, and provide updates on automated vehicle projects occurring across the state.

Identifying Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in a Fog of Misdiagnosis

Leesa Morrow, PhD, JD, LP Psychologist

The symptoms of PTSD are present in most people in the days and weeks following trauma exposures. Even for people who develop PTSD, the most common trajectory is spontaneous remission. PTSD is best be described as a condition in which the process of recovery from the trauma is impeded. The question becomes why do most people recover while some do not?

Taking Back Our Roads – The Distracted Driving Epidemic!

Thomas Goeltz, CSP, Hays Companies

Distracted Driving has become an epidemic in our country. Tom Goeltz is the Vice President, Risk Management Services with Hays Companies and will talk about his personal experience of losing his daughter Megan due to a distracted driver. 

His presentation will focus on:

  • Raising awareness through education, making Distracted Driving Socially Unacceptable
  • Learning the dangers associated with any use of the cell phone or electronic devices while you drive
  • The need for increased law enforcement efforts & stronger legislation on distracted driving in all states

Life of a claim, Overview from all Perspectives and Successful Management Strategies

Panel Discussion

This session will explore the life of claims, whether work comp, liability or otherwise, specifically looking at the perspectives of the various people involved in a claim from beginning to end and strategies each can use to ensure a successful claim outcome for all involved.

Workplace Violence Prevention, Statewide Toolkit and Lessons Learned Implementing a Plan

Cathy Hockert, Enterprise Continuity Director, MN Management and Budget

Nathaniel Dempsey, Continuity of Operations Coordinator, MN Management and Budget

Amanda Baesler, Department of Administration, Continuity Manager

Presenters from Minnesota Management and Budget and the Department of Administration will discuss the Enterprise-Wide Workplace Violence Prevention and Response program: The purpose, implementation strategies, and lessons learned from a Pilot Project.

A new way to deliver RTK

Julie Quin, retired Director, Department of Commerce

This session will provide an alternative route to engage trainees during the annual refresher employee right to know training. 

The session will show you how to make right to know training more interactive and fun. The session will outline a game that trainers can use to present information in a more practical manner in order to keep trainees focused. 

PTSD Treatment Parameters and Return to Work Tips, 24/7 Update

Katie Friend, CorVel

Sara Curtis, CorVel

In this session, CorVel will provide an update on the treatment parameters for PTSD. Also, CorVel will provide some tips on how to assist with return to work when employees suffer from PTSD. Katie will provide an update on the 24/7 nurse triage initiative that was implemented in July of 2018.

How to Avoid and Survive Violence

Joe Malhoit, All Points North Consulting LLC

The presentation is designed to help people avoid and intervene ahead of violence. However, when that’s not possible it gives practical, easy to apply principles which will help people survive different types of violent encounters.

Achieving ZERO Fatalities

Al Johnson, Vice President Corporate Environment, Health & Safety, Cargill, Incorporated

Cargill is committed to sending all 200,000-plus employees and contractors home safe every day. Al Johnson, vice president of Environment, Health & Safety at Cargill, will share about the company’s journey to achieve ZERO fatalities, including how bold decisions like a “no cell phone while driving on company time” policy is contributing to improved safety performance. 

Work Comp Campus: Modernizing Workers’ Compensation for Minnesota

Tom Hanson, ARM, DLI’s Special Compensation Fund (SCF)

Valerie Brophy, CapTech

The Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) is working to improve workers’ compensation for Minnesotans by building a new Web-based system, called Work Comp Campus, for filing and accessing claims. Campus will allow ready and easy access for all parties involved in a workers’ compensation claim to manage their claim, on their terms, in real time online. Quicker access to claim information among injured workers, employers, insurance companies, medical providers, and attorneys will ensure work injuries are reported, treated and compensated in a streamlined process. Campus will go live for all users in summer 2020. During this presentation, DLI representatives will be providing an overview of the system and outlining timelines and what to expect over the coming year.

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